Sasha at 2 years 4 months

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I’ve been meaning to write one of these posts for ages, as a little diary to look back on for us to remember what the children were like/what they were doing at certain ages. Time flies so fast and there are moments from their babyhood that I don’t even fully remember when they did something. Freddie crawled at 8 months I think? And that first tooth was 7 months? It’s awful that we don’t clearly remember such important milestones but in the haze of parenthood and sleep deprivation, weeks seem to blur into months (or it might just be all that vino consumed in between that has killed many a brain cell, who knows?!). Either way, this blog is a safe little place for me to record the little events that might seem trivial and mundane to others, but that give us so much joy and will be ace to look back on in a few years.

Our little lady is such a character; both of our children are genuinely two of the funniest people I know (I could never have had boring children!). I really enjoy this age (although it might not always seem this way!), and it really is starting to get a little easier with the two of them. S doesn’t need the buggy for short journeys now, and has just been potty trained, which means after 3 1/2 years of solid nappy changing, we are free of them- hurrah! SUCH a great feeling, although it really does feel like the end of an era, especially since I don’t think we’ll have number 3. The baby days are well and truly over.

Here are a few things about little Sasha at 2 years, 4 months….

  • Like her brother, she doesn’t.stop.talking. This is mostly delightful, and the use of language at the age she is is brilliant- we have lots of “it’s beautiful”, “That’s delicious” and in equal measure “That’s disgusting”! It can be quite mentally exhausting though, as even if you acknowledge what she’s just said, she’ll often repeat it 5 times just to make sureΒ you’ve heard her. The fact she talks a lot for her age is handy, and we haven’t had too much frustration from her in terms of communication, as she can tell you exactly what she thinks/feels “You’re a very naughty Mummy” (said when I have refused to put P-Pig on the telly for the millionth time). I guess our children were never going to be quiet, what with a telecommunication sales Dad and an ex-radio travel presenter Mum!
  • The drama is coming thick and fast. Tantrums, when they occur, are ridiculously dramatic. F has his meltdowns and can get very upset about things, but S is on a whole different scale when it comes to diva behaviour- she throws herself on the floor (often taking a run up before doing so), before rolling around and wailing. This child is the queen of the fake cry! A Saturday drama club beckons when she is bigger, me thinks…
  • She absolutely adores singing (current favourites are the ‘sleeping bunnies’ song and 5 little monkeys) and is really into old-skool Fireman Sam and reading the 3 Little Pigs. Also, if she can keep up the passion she has for Peppa Pig, raisins and bubble blowing, and apply it to other areas in her life as she gets older, then the kid will go far πŸ˜‰
  • Still has a love/hate relationship with her brother. They fight LOADS at home together, although we get snippets of them playing nicely and cuddling up on the sofa. We appear to have graduated from biting (progress!) to pinching, which although is not on, is a vast improvement. Since Freddie has been back at preschool she has been asking for him a lot, and runs to him at pick up time with the biggest smile on her face. A definite case of can’t live with each other,can’t live without!
  • We have a little whirlwind. She adores all things creative- painting, crafts, playdough, drawing- but has the attention span of a gnat, so I find myself exhausted after setting up about 3 different activities within the space of 45 minutes. F was much more able to ‘focus’ for quite a long period of time at her age, so this is all new to me and quite knackering!
  • Is still is really good eater (long may this continue) with a huge appetite. At the moment we are a big fan of blueberries, and will eat them by the bowlful.
  • S is really good at playing independently. Whilst I do a lot with both of them, like everyone I need some time each day to get on with a few other things. She is brilliant at just pottering and making up her own games with her Happyland people or Peppa characters, checking in with me occasionally to show me something, meaning I can crack on with some jobs. As much as I miss him during the day, my life is a lot easier on Mondays and Thursdays when F is at precschool from 9-4, as S is quite low-maintenance in comparison, and I’m not constantly breaking up fights!
  • Is desperate to join Freddie at preschool. Every time I drop him off, she has to be dragged out (often kicking and screaming) and says sadly “I go preschool after Father Christmas has been” (she is going in January. I don’t think we’ll have many problems with her settling in!).

and lastly…

  • Is still super-cuddly, saying “I love you” all the time, grabbing our faces and squishing them. Now she’s in her own bed, she runs into our bedroom in the morning saying “hello, good morning!” over and over again. πŸ™‚


Teaming up with Mummy, Daddy, Me and ‘The Ordinary Moments’!

23 thoughts on “Sasha at 2 years 4 months”

  1. What a lovely post hon. It’s fab to capture all those little things, because as you rightly said we forget them so quickly. Also they change quite rapidly at this age so doing an update every month or so is a great idea. Sasha sounds like she’d get on like a house on fire with my toddler whose 2y7m. She is also very animated with her words and expresses her like or dislike for everything just beautifully. Like your two my two girls fight like cat and dog, but those little moments when they are playing nicely together make it all worth while πŸ˜‰ You never know, you might change your mind on #3, just with a bit of a bigger age gap this time xxx

    1. Ooh I don’t know if I could go back to the baby stage, and all the night feeds and nappies! I’d never say never but we’ll see… glad you like the post, I really must keep up with these, at least every few months! x

  2. What a lovely post, and it’s so true you forget when things happened as time passes. The details all become a bit fuzzy round the edges. Sasha sounds like a fab little girl, although I have to admit it’s good to hear other people going through the terrible two’s tantrums aswell! Stroppy monkeys! xx

  3. What a cutie!! Oh, she sounds just like a mini Becky – adorable! This is such a good idea. I wrote everything down with Eva, but then life got in the way with the other two. I often regret not doing it now – sometimes I just realised that they’ve stopped saying something a certain way, or grasped that new activity, and I’ve totally missed when it happened! Gorgeous post B xxx

    1. Thank you lovely! I think that’s why I really want to keep up with these, I really wish I’d done something when they were smaller, heck, I wish I’d started blogging when they were smaller! *sigh* xx

  4. Ahhh this is sweet, she sounds amazing!!!! Lots of character and fire in her belly πŸ™‚ as much as it will be sad for you it’s great that she’s so keen to go into nursery it will make it loads easier I’m sure!!

    1. She’s a feisty one for sure! I love them to bits but I think we all like a little time apart, and I’m sure she’ll get stuck into preschool with gusto! x

  5. Gorgeous post and I truly believe its all of those little snippets that can be so easily forgotten, need to be recorded. Beautiful post and that photo is just super sweet. x

  6. What a gorgeous post. I look back on our the history of my own family and wish I had done more to record all the wonderful milestones they achieved. Such precious things to record – my personally fave – squishy cheek moments!

  7. Ahhhhh I love this post. It’s so interesting to learn more about children’s personalities She sounds like such a funny girl.
    And well done on the potty training! xx

  8. Aww she sounds lovely, and full of beans! It must be so extraordinary as a parent to be finally free of the nappies, they’re just such a constant I’m not sure I can envisage life without them – mind you I just signed up for another three years or so, so I must just be a glutton for punishment!

  9. Ah so cute- S sounds a delightful little lady and I love that photo of her. I have two affectionate girls, it’s lovely isn’t it? And woo hoo to ending the nappy era- I can’t imagine it just yet but I know I will probably be sad when the times comes. We are still not 100% sure about number 3 or not, I go through phases! x

    1. Haha, me too! I don’t think I’ll be able to tell how I feel 100% about number 3 until S starts preschool in the New Year and I’ve got a bit more breathing space and time to think. I suspect I’ll enjoy the space and time to work a bit too much though, but never say never! x

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