5 Fun Halloween Activities for Preschoolers!

It’s heading into the run up of what has always been one of the most anticipated times of year for my kids- halloween! Following up from a old favourite post of mine 3 Easy Halloween Cupcake Ideas’, I have here the round up of 5 Fun Halloween Activities for Preschoolers or young primary school age children! Whether you’re looking for a craft to do with your little one at home, or for a game for your Halloween party, look no further… #halloweenspam #sorrynotsorry


1. When all 3 of mine were little they loved these ‘Bathtime Foam Pumpkins’, and I’ll be digging them out again this year for splash time in the run up to Halloween. Arlo, our youngest, is older now and more deft at using scissors, so I’ll let him have a go at cutting some shapes out himself.


2. Fuzzy Felt has always been a big hit when all 3 were younger, and these ‘Easy Felt Pumpkins’ were always popular- great for doing at the kitchen table on a rainy day.


3. A great party game (and one of my most popular Pinterest pins and bringer of blog traffic!) is ‘Halloween Ghost Bowling’. All you need is a few white drinks cups, a black marker pen, and off you go! Incredibly, my older two were hooked for nearly an hour playing with these!


4. …and while we’re still on party games, this ‘Get The Ghost Number Game’ is fun and educational all the same time (your little cherubs won’t even know they’re learning *wink*). Just draw some ghostly faces on white paper plates, stick on an empty wall (not one for near the ornaments!), grab a ball or beanbag, and try and get that ghost!


5. One of our favourite Halloween activities from times gone by was our ‘Pumpkin Investigation Chart & Pumpkin Guts Sensory Bag’. Freddie had to scoop out the contents of a pumpkin, and using the chart, describe what the pumpkin looked like/felt like/had inside. 

What are your favourite Halloween activities for little ones?!

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