Pond dipping in Keston on a sunny day

I haven’t done a photo-heavy post for ages, but the weather during half term was so lovely that I decided to bring my camera out with me when I took the children pond dipping at our local ponds. We’re so lucky where we live- close to central London but a 5-10 minute drive away into the countryside. I really do think we have the best of both worlds. Anyway, so we went pond dipping, and despite catching sweet FA (I clearly need to up my pond-dipping expertise!), the children all had a muddy great time, rounded off with a trip to the playground and an ice cream. Such a simple afternoon (and slightly hair-raising with a toddler in tow around water!), but a lovely one, and pretty much free ice creams aside. I also found an ice cream van that took card (praise the lord), my first ever, a definite sign of the times and prevented sad faces. Must start actually carrying cash….

The light was perfect for taking photos, and once my camera is out, I enjoy snapping away then editing the photos so much. These are a mix of photos on my phone, and also my Olympus Pen. 


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