My Siblings in October

A few days late to the party with this ‘siblings’ post, but I couldn’t not include this epic photo of my two, dressed up as matching foxes for their school’s annual ‘Roald Dahl’ day. If this doesn’t make them seek therapy when they’re older, I don’t know what will 😉 

In all seriousness, they wanted to dress the same, and it’s so cute to see them both at school together now and experiencing the same things. With only 1 school year apart, we are essentially doing everything that Freddie did last year, again this year (right down to the same teacher!), and he’s enjoying being the knowledgeable one and telling her the ins and outs of what to expect in Reception, and taking her under his wing.

At the moment their lives seem even more intertwined than usual, and I’ve heard that Sasha seeks him out to play with in the playground at break time, and also has been playing a lot with his girl classmates (gymnastics is the ‘thing’ right now). It appears that a great deal of year 1 seems to know who she is, which I guess is rather nice and good to have some older children ‘on side’! I’ve been a little worried that the above means she’s not making close friendships quickly within her own year/class (although she’s friends with lots from preschool), but her teacher says she isn’t worried at all, so we’ll have to trust her on this.

The final part of this year sees big changes for both of my babies. Firstly, Sasha starting school has been ‘up there’ as one of the big ‘new things’. Freddie loves the fact that his little sister has joined him at school, but at the same time they have appeared to have developed a more competitive relationship too, and whilst they love and care about each other very much, they are driving me slightly mad with each one having to be ‘better’ than the other at certain things. I’m hoping that is just a phase, but I suspect it’s just a fairly normal aspect of a close brother-sister relationship! As long as they’re overall kind and thoughtful to one another, we’re trying to ignore it. 

Secondly, this Friday we move house, and for the first time ever these two will be sharing a bedroom, and leaving the ‘third’ room as a playroom. We’re hoping all goes well with this, as they will be sharing for a few years until we can afford to get our loft conversion done.  They seem pretty excited by sharing, and also the fact that they’ll be having bunk beds! As boy-girl siblings, they’ll only be a another 4-5 or so years that they would be able to do this, so I think it’s a lovely thing to be able to do for a while (although they might not agree after the novelty wears off!). My brothers were a lot older than me, so I never had to share with anyone- I therefore have no idea how this whole sharing malarkey might actually turn out!

Adam and I can tell they feel quite unsettled with the move right now- our whole house is in chaos- but the end is in sight, and we’re hoping they’ll both love their new home.

Hopefully next month’s siblings will see a calmer pair, and some better snaps from Mum!

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  1. October 25, 2016 / 2:43 pm

    Aww bless them! SO sweet!! I hope they (and you!) are settling nicely in your new home!! Looking forward to some updates! 🙂 Caro xx #Siblings

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