My 3 in August

So it’s August now, and we are 7 weeks (today!) into being a family of 5, and into week 4 now of the summer holidays. Having a baby so close to the start of the summer break has been both a blessing and curse so far- on one hand it’s been blissful not to have to do the school run and juggle Freddie and Sasha’s after school clubs with a newborn. On the other hand, I’ve found it hard at times to meet everyone’s needs and get out and about as I usually would. I haven’t been as adventurous with our trips because of juggling Arlo’s feeding times, and, if I’m being honest, feeling slightly daunted at taking all 3 out right now on a big trip on my own. I hate that I’ve felt like that, and it seems ridiculous as I managed perfectly well taking 2 babies out and about solo, including navigating central London and the tube with a double buggy(!), but I guess I’ve been out of practice with all the paraphernalia that’s come with having a new member of the family in tow. 

Either way, I’m sure we’ll get into the swing of things as Arlo gets a little older, and I really should make the most of him being so tiny and portable right now. The older two don’t seem to have minded though, and haven’t complained once about hanging out at home more during the holidays. Which in turn has given me food for thought and I realise now that they thrive and need the downtime, and I don’t need to be ‘doing’ something 24/7. Old toys have been re-discovered, and it’s been great seeing them really use their imaginations and go off and entertain themselves for a while. I’ve felt quite redundant at times which is a new thing!

As far as the family unit is concerned, I’m so pleased with how they’ve welcomed their little brother into the fold, and both F&S are so, so good with him, wanting to kiss and cuddle him all the time. If he cries, they either run and come and get me, or they try and jolly him out of his crying by talking and singing to him which is really sweet to watch. So far there is still no jealously, and Arlo is definitely the favourite family member so far for each of them! 

I absolutely ADORE these siblings photos this month, but I can’t take credit for them I’m afraid! They are the handiwork of very talented photographer Ashleigh Shea, who we’re going to be working with over the coming year and who I’m delighted to say will be documenting our family, Arlo in particular. We’ve never had any professional photos taken of the children before, and whilst I can take the odd good snap, I’m nowhere near Ashleigh’s standard! We went to Ashleigh’s studio last week, and she did a brilliant job of capturing the children together (and myself with them- more of that to come!), which was no mean feat as child number 1 is not the most willing subject at times. 

Despite feeling a little daunted at times, I’m really enjoying these summer holidays. Sure, we’ve had the odd day where the children have driven me nuts, but overall we’re loving hanging out together and I have a feeling the next few weeks are going to whizz by, especially since we have a couple of trips to look forward to as a family. 

Whilst I love Arlo at this tiny, snuggly, age, I also can’t wait for him to be able to ‘do’ more and start to interact with his big brother and sister- which I know they will love more than anything!

What’s your family been up to so far in August? Are you enjoying the summer break with you tribe?!



  1. Rebecca Hollick
    August 15, 2017 / 11:16 pm

    wow! gorgeous photos x

  2. Wilma
    August 19, 2017 / 11:54 pm

    Beautiful photos and such a proud big brother and sister!

  3. Jenny
    August 23, 2017 / 5:40 pm

    Oh Becky these are just darling. It’s understandable to stay in a bit more at first and it’s still so new getting routines and the dynamics of three down. I can’t imagine and I think I would be the same. There are always more time for adventures when little one gets a bit older seven weeks is still new. These are just beautiful and I love hearing the relationships between each of them as it grows. Making me broody lady!!! That baby grin gets me every time. lol #siblingsproject

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