My Sunday Evening Routine for an Organised Week

If there’s one thing I can’t BEAR it’s starting a new week feeling unprepared, stressed out and disorganised. It really gets the week off to a bad start, so to avoid this there are several things I do on a Sunday, usually Sunday evening, in order to feel organised and productive and hit the ground running come Monday. Some of these things apply when you’re a parent, but equally can be applied without any ankle biters in tow too.

Here are 5 easy things that I do on a Sunday!

  1. Check my diary and prepare for the week ahead:

Preparation is vital to getting me in the right ‘zone’ for the coming week- whether I’m working, the children are at school, the children are on holidays, what events we have on, does the baby have any docs appointments etc… Adam and I take 15 minutes every Sunday to see what we’ve got on, if anyone’s out in the evening, who’s looking after children and when. By doing this I can see:

  • Who is out for dinner, and therefore helps with weekly meal planning (more on this later)
  • What bags/equipment me/the kids need on what days
  • What time we need to set an alarm each morning (not that I need this very often, the kids are our own never-failing 6am alarm clocks)
  • What outfits/clothes I might want to wear for the coming week

Once I feel like I know what the week is looking like schedule-wise, I can then start to write my ‘to-do’ list for Monday and get off to a good start.

2. Meal Planning:

Meal planning has been SUCH a game changer when it comes to family life! By seeing who is around when and what activities are on (see above), I can plan lunches and dinners Monday-Friday, and order everything I need from the online supermarket so that it comes Monday morning first thing. It saves us loads of money and saves waste too. I know this wouldn’t be for everyone as it sounds quite regimented, but it means that we tend to commit to eating healthier meals rather than grabbing something, and it frees up brain power for doing other stuff as I don’t have to think about what to feed us or the children.

3. Weekly De-clutter:

I’m always amazed at how much shit we seem to accumulate on a weekly basis, despite me being fairly ruthless as to what comes and goes in the house. By doing a 15 minute ‘speed de-clutter’ on a Sunday, and getting rid of/recycling old magazines and papers, old (non-precious) drawings, broken pens, discarded party bag crap, leaflets, newsletters etc it clears the decks and stops from head from becoming ‘foggy’ due to too much ‘stuff’ being around. With young kids though this is hard, and is always a work in progress! I also:

  • Put away all clean laundry
  • Tidy and sort my handbag and purse i.e. clearing of any rubbish and old receipts
  • Tidy all toy boxes away to their usual homes
  • Clear the fridge of any out-of-date stuff (although hopefully with meal planning we don’t have too much of this!)

4. Sort my emails:

If I’ve had a crazy-busy week (or it’s the school holidays!) I sometimes need more time to get on top of my emails. By spending 20 minutes responding, filing or deleting them on Sunday evening, I don’t have to faff around with them first thing Monday, and can either crack on with work then or have fun with the children. Either way, I’m not getting lost down a rabbit hole of email hell that I wish I’d sorted sooner. 

5. Relax!

Since I often work in the evenings, especially now it’s the summer holidays and I have a new baby who needs me on tap during the day, I sometimes forget to take time to relax and do something else. So I’ve made it my aim to have an hour every Sunday night before the start of a busy week, to do something for me that isn’t work- a bath, a book, film, exercise or cooking are some of the things I enjoy.

So important to recharge so you can kick arse once more come Monday!


This is my Sunday routine- what’s yours? 



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  1. August 17, 2017 / 3:45 pm

    I loved reading this and after reading it on Sunday I sat and replied to all my emails that evening. I start back work full time in a couple of weeks and I know we are going to be so busy Monday-Friday and the key to everything running smoothly is organisation so I’m hoping to adopt a similar routine to yours, fingers crossed we can stick to it.

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