We’re back in!

Just a really quick post today, but one that fills me with so much joy to write- we are back in, I repeat, we are BACK IN!!!! 

After 6 weeks, living out of suitcases, sharing bedrooms/beds with kids, and probably driving my in-laws mad with all of our stuff and early starts, we finally managed to move back in this weekend just gone. I feel absolutely shattered now, after 2 days of getting unpacked, cleaned and vaguely sorted once more, but it’s been worth every second.

Our builders are back in today just to finish off (hello, lovely open shelving), but we slept in our own beds the past two nights, and I’m so, so pleased with how it’s all gone, despite a few hairy (and expensive) moments with our flooring. I’m also SO glad we bit the bullet and did the work now, as opposed to nearer when the baby is due in a few months, as I’m not sure my nerves could take it. I don’t recommend building work whilst pregnant (this is twice we’ve done this now!), but needs must. 

I’ll be sharing full posts on our kitchen and bathroom renovations soon, but the photo above is a snippet of how the kitchen currently looks without the final touches. 

We are finally home sweet home.


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