Minimal Makeup Routine for Spring | Quick and Easy

Spring brings a splash of vibrant colors to the world, making everyone feel extra enthusiastic. Minimal makeup for spring with a splash of bright colors is trending from the runways to the common office working women. Following a few simple tips and tricks, maintaining the classic no mess look and still using bright colors is possible.

Celebrities swear by this combination of makeup which highlights one part of the face with bright color leaving the rest with minimum makeup. It is the perfect transition from winter makeup to spring vivacity, making everyone’s eyes turn towards you.

Eyelash and mascara

Apply a perfect false eyelash from a branded company and liberal coats of mascara on top of it in various colors. Eyelash extensions from a good brand are perfect for spring makeup as they come in multiple shades and thicknesses suitable for all occasions. And you don’t need to think much about how to take care of eyelash extensions as it’s quite simple. Their specially formulated adhesive makes the lash extensions last longer without much aftercare and withstand rubbing. Lilac St, Mac, Trish McEvoy, Sweed, and Velour lashes are some of the most notable brands in the market with similar features. They are widely available, and they don’t require serious handling. Still, you should do your best and handle lashes with great care to avoid them falling off quickly.

Once you apply the eyelashes and the mascara, apply a thin line of eyeliner atop it in a bright color matching your face makeup or outfit. Alternatively, you can use eyeshadow instead of the liner, which will be a good change from smokey eyes.

Matte to a bright skin foundation

Minimal makeup starts with a brighter-looking skin avoiding neutral color shades and waving goodbye to winter neutral colors. Spice up your spring makeup with a slightly brighter foundation that gives you a tint of golden hue. It will give a refreshing change from the usual pale and pink skin color and pink and give a golden glow to your entire face.

Do not step up too much, making your face look artificial and cakey. But one foundation shade is brighter or darker than your usual ones to see the visible difference. After applying a quality primer, set the foundation with a damp sponge to make it last longer without caking up in the middle of the day.

Shimmer powder

If you love your foundation shade and still want to add an extra sparkle to your makeup routine, choose the classic makeup look. Use shimmer powder instead of regular translucent powder to get that subtle glow all over your face. Practice the look a few times before the mirror to get the right shimmer on the face and avoid looking too party-like in official places.

Wearing a hint of shimmer powder every day in the right shade and the quantity will give a natural glowing finish to your skin. Spring is the best time to use it as the temperature is neither too warm nor cold, and the shimmering glow will last for a long time.

Blush contouring

Makeup is all about experimenting, exploring, and doing what you love with a bold heart. Blush contouring is one such concept that is a favorite for bright color lovers and pink color fans. Use the blush to highlight your cheekbones instead of your highlighter. Use contouring with various shades of pink instead of brown to do the face contouring to get a beautiful pinkish glow. 

Your face will bloom like a spring cherry flower with a subtle shade of pink all over, making your skin look healthy and well-nourished. Blush contour is a modification of Victorian dark pink blush on cheeks to hide the paleness and blemishes. Modern blush contouring does the same to the face avoiding the artificial look and giving full pink coverage to create a healthy skin look.

Frozen lips to glossy lips

Frozen lips with neutral and dull color shades are typical in winter, and many switch to glossy lips with bright colors in the spring. Spring minimal makeup is often not complete without bright orange or pink lips, even if you choose a no-makeup look. Mixing light color lipstick and a slightly darker shade of lip gloss to get a deeper look for the lips is gaining popularity slowly.

Applying glossy lipstick during the spring has been in trend for the past two years, and all the ramp walk models do it while introducing the spring collections. Wearing a lip gloss instead of lipstick or adding extra shine to lips by wearing a neutral lip tint and applying transparent lip gloss on top of it is common.


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