4 Reasons Not To Wear A Bra At Night

Most people are confused as to whether wearing a bra in bed is good or bad for you. Although many people do in fact know you shouldn’t do it, others still think it’s an old-school myth we need to debunk. In fact, there is plenty of research that explains why you shouldn’t be wearing a bra in bed and here is the top four reasons that you should remember to take it off before sleeping!


Reduced circulation – Wearing a bra at night can reduce the circulation to your breast, leading to potential health complications. If you are sleeping in a bra that is too tight, it can be uncomfortable and impact on your quality of sleep. This is especially concerning if you sleep with a bra that has wire in, or heavily padded.

It can cause lymphatic blockage– Choosing to wear a bra to bed can have a negative effect on your lymphatic system, with a bra having the potential to confine the lymph nodes that are situation near the breast tissue and under arm area. The purpose of a lymph node is to drain the toxic waste out of the body and help to protect against infection and disease. This system not working properly can lead restrict the normal functioning of other organs within the body, such as kidneys or liver.

Breast fungus is a thing and wearing a bra can make it worse – Whilst wearing a bra, it is creating a warm, moist and environment which is the perfect breeding ground to fungi being produced. This can also lead to other skin conditions that are far from pleasant!

It’s not good for your bras – Sleeping in your bras can impact the shape and structure over time, causing wear and tear. The fabric will begin to suffer due to the increased wear and washing – damaging your favourite bras quicker.  Make sure to invest in some high quality bras that will last – such as some new red lingerie or a sports bra.

Other healthy bedtime habits

 Not wearing a bra to sleep isn’t the only habit that you can start implementing into your routine. Try to always go to sleep at the same time, to promote a healthy sleep cycle and ensure you feel well rested when you wake up. Try to invest in making your bedroom a peaceful and relaxing place to spend time in – this could be purchasing black out blinds, removing any electronic devices from your room and trying to keep it tidy at all times. Why not even pick up a house plant, to add a bit of decoration to your space yet also improve the air quality in your bedroom?


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