Planning a bathroom renovation: things to consider

Your bathroom is an important place in your home. It should be a soothing, relaxing room while also offering the functionality you need to efficiently move through your day. And a renovation can help bring the best out of your bathroom. Below, we explore some of the most important considerations.


Inspiration is key to renovating your bathroom – you need an idea or vision for the room. And SGS Engineering has created a series of brainteasers to help get your creativity flowing – popular tools such as hammers, and spanners are hidden in the scenes. It takes the average person 48 seconds to solve these, can you do better?

  1. Find the nail hidden in the tools…

  1. Find the tape measure hidden in the tools…

Set a budget

Setting a budget should form the basis of your planning. Work out how much you can reasonably afford to spend on this project and set aside a little cash in case you run over budget. From there, you should have clarity over your spending power.

Create a layout

The next step is to design your layout. This doesn’t have to be too sophisticated, but you should be able to accurately map out the items you need to buy and where they’ll be used in the bathroom.

Remove old tiles

Most renovations involve retiling the bathroom. After all, tiles are prone to getting dirty and faded. You should attempt to remove all your old tiles, before replacing them with a set that fits your new style.

Renovate walls

The next step is to renovate the walls. This might not seem like an essential step, but the paintwork in your bathroom can make a huge difference. If you for light, neutral colours then your bathroom will appear bigger and more spacious. Alternatively, you could add patterned wallpaper to create a more textured feel.

New bathroom suite installation

The bathroom suite refers to all the fittings in your bathroom. During your renovations, it makes a lot of sense to purchase a new toilet and sink to refresh the room. This can be a complex job though, and you might require the help of experienced contractors.


A clean, tidy room can boost your mental health. And one way to help remove clutter is by adding storage to your bathroom. During your renovations, it’s well worth adding new shelves or hanging storage solutions to bolster the storage available in the room. During your project, it’s also worth buying tool boxes to securely house your tools and keep them out of the way.

Planning a bathroom renovation and carrying one out can make your entire home feel fresh and new. And by following the planning advice above, you should be all set to carefully manage an uplifting renovation of your bathroom.




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