Happy New Year from me & a 2018 Review! {January – March}

Happy New Year to you all and a kind of catch up ‘Merry Christmas’ too!

I hope you all had a good one? Ours was filled with plenty of cheese, a significant amount of booze and a smattering of sleep deprivation thanks to very excited children on Christmas Eve. I always love the build up to Christmas probably more than the day itself, but I also thoroughly enjoy the aftermath come Boxing Day and the days that follow, when you veg and eat without guilt and have no idea what day it is. 

Yesterday Adam was working until early afternoon, so along with my Mum we took the children for a long walk on The Southbank, followed by brunch in Giraffe, before we picked up Adam and went to friends for the afternoon. As for the evening, we put the kids to bed and Adam and I stayed in and barely made midnight, something that I don’t think has happened since I was about 10, haha! We both were laying off the booze and were glad we did in the end as Arlo decided to start 2019 at 5.45am and we’ve felt fresh as a daisy today- taking down Christmas decs, going for a run, cooking good food and playing with the children hangover-free. 

I’d been thinking that 2018 was a bit of a ‘meh’ year, largely due to the unsettled feeling of not knowing if we’re moving or not, but last night in front of the telly I compiled for fun a load of Instagram stories photo highlights, and looking back on them we’ve had a bloody good time since last January. Lots of travel, trips and fun, and I’m glad I did this now as it’s made me be even more grateful for what we have. 

Here are some of our best highlights from January to March last year!


We went skiing as a family for the first time…

Which the kids aced…

And we discovered that travelling by plane with a non-moving baby was a heck of a lot easier than travelling with a non-moving one!

I boarded for the first time in 8 years!

Also in January our garden reconstruction began

And the kids came home from school to an amazing climbing frame surprise…

And Arlo started to grow some hair! 


Freddie turned 7

I continued to juggle (not always successfully) 2 jobs, 2 kids and a baby

We spent a lot of time not sleeping

but got romantic when we could (ha!)

Had another trip out to Greenwich…

…Rode the carousel…

…and visited The Observatory there.

We celebrated Chinese New Year in Chinatown

And hung out at home a fair bit too


It snowed in South East London…

…and the kids got to have days off school & go sledging with their school friends!

We also made ridiculous crafts for school

And baked a lot too

Decent sleep (for grown ups anyway) was at an all-time low

My Dad turned 70

I rediscovered roller skating (for one day only!)

Sasha went off to her first ever Rainbows camp

We put more shelves up!


But there weren’t always highlights though…

But I got an egg-cellent new door wreath

And went a little WILD with Easter decor!

So there you go, some highlights from Jan- March. I hope to get the other months up this week at some point as I love these sort of posts to look back on.

I usually have a ‘word’ in mind for every forthcoming year, rather than a resolution as such, and this year I think it’s going to be


We still have no idea where we will be this time next year, and I just need to be patient when it comes to selling (or not selling) our house in a terrible market and go with the flow- what will be will be. I would also like to be more patient when it comes to the children, and cheesy as it sounds, myself- I’m doing my best most of the time so would like to be more patient and kinder to yours truly! 


Do you have a resolution, or word, for 2019? If so do let me know as I love hearing them!



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