2018 Year in Review {April – June}

I’m back with the next part of our 2018 year highlights- covering from April until June. I’m kind of regretting beginning this as these posts take so long to do, what with the time it takes to upload the pics from my iPhone (seriously!), but I know I’ll be glad I did as they’re lovely for our family to look back on. 

So here we go again…


  • We spent a fair bit of time being entertained in the ball pool
  • and hanging with friends in Dulwich Park
  • I got me a fringe
  • Freddie hung out with football idols!
  • We took a trip to The Tate Modern
  • Some of us were moving onwards and upwards…
  • and we made the most of the emerging beautiful weather
  • Arlo hung out at the farm whilst the big two were at school- where he wasn’t overly keen on the biggest cow there!


  • We had the most amazing street party for the Royal Wedding, and out of this has developed a street What’s App group for all ages and houses and the most brilliantly supportive neighbourhood watch-style community
  • Daffodils still going strong…
  • …and also in the kitchen Arlo discovered terrorising the hamster (eek)
  • Sasha turned 6
  • and had the MOST incredible super hero cake!
  • We continued to make ‘interesting’ crafts
  • and went to Wembley with Daddy and Grandad to watch the football
  • We spent a long weekend in Dorset with friends in glorious weather
  • and got to play some tennis with and be coached by Judy Murray!


  • We went camping in Surrey with friends (always interesting with a moving baby)
  • Freddie continued honing his culinary skills in the kitchen…
  • …and lost more teeth
  • We celebrated Adam and Father’s Day
  • Sasha started horse riding, my childhood passion (and she loves it!)
  • The cot mobile had to go…
  • …as Arlo turned 1
  • We had a cake and a party for him at home with family and friends
  • Freddie went off to Beavers camp for the first time
  • and Adam and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary with lunch at The Shard

So that’s April to June! You can see my other installment so far HERE. 


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