Happy Holidays!

So this is one family member’s default position at the moment- clearly someone is not already hot enough with the record temperatures we’ve been experiencing! 

I’m just checking in to say, hey, how are you? Hope everyone’s been enjoying their summer so far? We’re two and a bit weeks down of the school holidays so far, and it’s been lovely, a real mix of chilling out, going on a few trips and outings, sports camps whilst I’ve been working and generally spending time together.

We’re off on holiday soon to Ibiza for a couple of weeks so I guess I’m ‘signing off’ too and having a proper holiday from work (for once, I’m a terrible ‘always on’ kind of freelancer!). 

I’m sure like many people who work through the holidays, it’s always a huge juggle entertaining various children, focusing on various projects, so having a couple of weeks of enforced time off is probably the best thing to do all round- for everyone’s sanity! I’m also looking forward to leaving the house tidy and having our house sitter/ estate agent take over the reins and show potential buyers around- trying to keep everywhere tidy for viewings during the summer holidays when you have 3 kids generally enjoying themselves (i.e. making a mess) is, er, ‘testing’. 

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your August, and I’ll see you very soon! x


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