Rid Yourself Of Old Harmful Habits By Forming New Ones

Habits are often behaviours that we have developed over time to cope with a specific situation for feeling. Therefore if we try and cut them dead, it can leave a big hole in our lives and make kicking the habit that much harder. However, the good news is that by replacing a less healthy habit with one that is better for you, you can get a much higher level of success. A topic you can read more about in the post below. 

Scoffing junk food 

Mmmmm, we all enjoy a dirty takeaway pizza now and again. However, if you find you are eating more things that come from takeout containers than anything else, your many have established a negative and harmful habit. After all, we all know the dangers of overeating sugar and fat, Not to mention the bad example we are setting for the kids. 

Of course, whipping up a healthy balanced meal from scratch can be a bit of a challenge, especially after a long day! Don’t despair, though, because there is hope! In fact, a little meal prep and freezing at the weekend, and you can have super-fast and healthy meals to replace the takeaway ones. A solution that can really help you make the more healthy choice over and over again until it becomes habitual! 

Drinking too much alcohol

Many of us enjoy the odd glass of wine at weekends, or in the pub after a family walk. Although, if we want to get out of the habit, we can easily replace such beverages with something soft instead.

Unfortunately, drinking alcohol can, for some folks, become a slippery slope. Especially if they use it to cope with stress or other difficult emotions and situations.

Actually, if this starts to happen, addiction is likely beginning to form, and it may take a little more effort to fix. The good news is that there are alcohol drug rehab centers that are designed specifically to aid with this.

In fact, the value of such centers, many of which are among the best luxury rehabs in the US, is that as well as helping you abstain, they also teach you how to replace your unhealthy habit with much more healthy ways of coping. Something that can help you maintain your recovery, even after you return to your regular life. 



Another insidious habit that we can all get into from time to time is raining down criticism upon ourselves. In fact, for many of us, the internal monologue we have would be wholly unacceptable if spoken by any voice other than the one inside our own mind.

The thing is we cannot always turn off this voice, but we can replace listening to it, and taking what it says to heart with a healthier habit instead. That is one of letting it ramble on like a radio in the corner, but not allowing it to affect our mood or behaviour. Something that, over time, can help to discredit that voice and allow us to live a that is much more free of those self-critical habits. 



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