Nostalgia and Thrills at Pavilion: Myrtle Beach’s Premier Amusement Park

Remember when the simple joys of an amusement park ride could make your whole week? Imagine a place where those memories come flooding back, where the past’s laughter meets the present’s thrills. Welcome to Pavilion, Myrtle Beach’s premier amusement park.  

For decades, the Pavilion has been the center of fun. Since it started, the park has grown from a small collection of rides to a bustling hub of excitement, but its essence has stayed the same. It’s a place where the carousel’s music brings back childhood memories, and the roller coasters’ lights promise new adventures. You’re not just going to an amusement park when you enter the Pavilion. You’re stepping into a part of Myrtle Beach’s history that is alive and real. So, let’s walk you through one of the all-time greatest things to do in Myrtle Beach: a day at Pavilion Park!

A Journey Through Time: Pavilion’s History

Pavilion started in 1948 as a small seaside attraction and became a famous symbol of Myrtle Beach. It has a long history and holds many memories for families from all over the country. In its prime, the park had up to 40 classic rides and wooden roller coasters. However, autumn of 2006 marked the closure of the original Pavilion due to redevelopment of the area. The current Pavilion now resides at Broadway at the Beach and continues to be a top attraction in Myrtle Beach.

From Humble Beginnings to a Family Favorite

Pavilion started as a small, oceanfront entertainment spot. It had simple and charming attractions that people loved, and so it quickly became a part of Myrtle Beach’s culture. As it grew over the years, it added exciting roller coasters and modern games. This growth shows how Pavilion has always aimed to be a place where families can continually have fun together.

Iconic Rides That Have Stood the Test of Time

Pavilion has famous rides that have been popular for decades, such as the main attraction, the 360 Observation Wheel. Other favorites include the Mini Tea Cups, a gentle and fun ride that makes people remember the past, and the bumper cars, a classic for all ages. Rides like these show the lasting magic of Pavilion.

Modern Thrills and Spills

While it started out with classic rides, today, Pavilion combines its old charm with exciting modern rides. Pavilion’s Action Park is home to fast rides that twist, turn, and take riders to new worlds, perfect for older kids and thrillseekers. Meanwhile, Fun Park contains gentler roundabout-style rides ideal for the youngest riders. Between these two, Pavilion has adventures everywhere you look.

Adrenaline-Pumping Rides

At Pavilion, adrenaline seekers can enjoy a variety of action-packed rides, each with its own unique twist and thrill. For example, the Moonraker 20 is known for its dizzying spins and breathtaking speed. You’ll have an amazing experience on a large spinning platform that goes high up in the sky. The platform tilts to almost 90 degrees straight up as it rotates, making the spin even more exciting.

There’s also the Beast, an exhilarating experience that you can’t miss. Before you even buckle up, you’ll feel a mix of excitement and fear. This ride is one of the most extreme pendulum attractions in the Carolinas. Imagine a huge pendulum arm grabs you and and throws you back and forth, swinging in a massive 120° arc. As you fly over 125 feet in the air, reaching dizzying speeds of 55 mph, you’ll feel the wind rushing past. If that’s not enough, your seat spins you around a full 360°, combining the thrill of heights with the disorienting spin of a cyclone. 

Rides like these at Pavilion’s Action Park are modern engineering marvels that defy gravity with steep drops, high-speed loops, and twisting turns. They will make your heart race and give you an adrenaline rush!

The Broadway 360 Observation Wheel: A Sky-High Adventure

The Broadway 360 Observation Wheel is a majestic attraction offering a unique adventure in the sky above the busy Pavilion. When you enter one of its 36 spacious gondolas, you’ll see a panoramic view of Myrtle Beach’s beautiful coastline and cityscape. The slow ascent allows you to appreciate the ocean meeting the sky and the park lights blending with the stars. You will be amazed when you reach the top of the ride and see one million colorful lights dancing in sync with the music. This experience isn’t just a gentle ride. It is a peaceful and visually impressive experience.

The Pavilion Experience

The Myrtle Beach Pavilion offers entertainment for all ages. You can smell popcorn in the air. There are arcade games that bring joy and excitement. You can also enjoy live shows and events at the nearby Broadway at the Beach. It’s impossible not to have a remarkable adventure when you visit.

Games, Food, and Entertainment

Pavilion is loaded with games, food, and entertainment. You’ll have a great time playing lively arcade and carnival games to win prizes. You can also indulge in tasty fair food like cotton candy and hot dogs. There are also gourmet bites to enjoy while watching live performances and street entertainers that make the place energetic. It’s like a sensory feast!

Special Events and Seasonal Attractions

Pavilion is located inside a vast commercial area called Broadway at the Beach, where special events and seasonal attractions make it an entertaining place to visit all year long. In the summer, fireworks displays at night are a favorite for everyone. In autumn, there are Halloween-themed festivities with friendly ghosts and jack-o’-lanterns. For the winter, the Broadway at the Beach is decorated with lights and hosts holiday markets and activities. When you’ve had your fill of rides at Pavilion, these nearby events and attractions at Broadway at the Beach will make you want to visit the area again and again!


Myrtle Beach’s Pavilion is a mix of old and new. It’s a special place where you can make memories and have fun. If you have yet to go, you should see for yourself. Take a trip to the Pavilion, share your thoughts, and keep the memories alive!


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