A Mini Landing Update

Evening all! Tonight I’ve got a mini house update for you, which may seem a bit odd as we have our house currently on the market, but I figured that a.) some of these bits have been up a little while now and I just haven’t shared them, and b.) there is every chance that the house we want to buy might not end up becoming our new home and we stay put. I don’t want to tempt fate by not carrying on with a few smaller jobs and touches- nothing that would put a potential buyer off but maybe i’m trying a ‘reverse sods law’ technique, that if I do enough new updates to our current place then we’ll end up moving and I’ll have to start doing them all over again, haha! 

Anyway, about a year ago we had our hallway, stairs and landing painted a very neutral ‘bright white’ away from the weird ‘griege’ colour that made it seem very dark and dreary, and it of course, immediately brightened up the place. 

We added the industrial light from Ikea that we’d had in the landing of our old house, as I liked it then, like it now, and if we do move again I’m sure it will come with us once more. 

We also needed a new, full length mirror to take the place of the free-standing one we had in our old, much larger loft room, and I fell in love with this gold full length Inca ‘leaner’ mirror from Cult Furniture (although we hang it on the wall). It was only £119 which I thought was fairly good value compared to some similar ones that I’ve seen online recently, and it works well in the space on the wall opposite our bedroom wall (means I have plenty of space to pose- ha!).

The space next to the mirror was a tricky one to fill- should we have a few smaller prints? A smaller picture shelf from Ikea like the ones we have in our bedrooms filled with a few photos? One big print to work with the mirror? In the end we decided on the latter, and put up the gorgeous personalised custom star map print I was kindly sent by Modern Map Art that uses the coordinates of our wedding location and the date to show the star constellation at that moment. You can choose from several different colours and designs, and I love how fresh the white and grey/black one looks on our landing wall. Such a lovely reminder of our wedding day three years ago!

At the top of the stairs we have a rose-gold framed pinky-coloured ‘Abstract no 1’ print from Desenio, which gives a nice ‘pop’ of colour. 

On the windowsil at the top of the stairs we have a few plants, plus a gorgeous print I was sent by Laura Ashley of Venice, which is special to us as that’s where we went on our honeymoon a few years ago. 

So that’s our landing- a few lovely bits and bobs that we’ll be more than happy to keep, and that should translate well (fingers crossed) if we do end up moving. 

How do you style your landing/hallway, which can often be a ‘funny’ space to personalise? I’d love you to link to your posts on this area if you have any! 


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