12 Things that have made me happy this week


Well, hello! This last week has been a crazy one- fabulously busy and exciting, yet un-fabulously tiring, stressful and with some challenging small-person behaviour, a real mixed bag! I have now started my new social media manager role, one that is great because it means I have two days a week to work from home/cafe- the perfect mix of a new challenge and an exciting job, yet one that fits in around the children and family life. Still, I think it will take me time to get into the swing of things and work out exactly how much I can realistically get done in two days (and a few more bits). I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and if I had infinite amounts of time (I don’t!), I would keep working to do the best I can, so I need to remember that there is a cut-off point and that I don’t have to be ‘doing’ 24/7! The same goes for this blog- I would be working on it all the time, so need to be able to shut that laptop down and unwind. The children were really hard-work post-holiday- I think they needed to get back into their usual routine, and the last few days have been much better.

Here are my favourite things that have happened this past week!

1. Starting my new role (as detailed above). This is the first time in nearly 4 years that I’ve had any regular whole days with no children and the ability to just work and focus. Usually I fit stuff in in the evenings, Saturday mornings and around Freddie and Sasha, but it just wasn’t working anymore, I was feeling really stressed. It might sound awful to some, but it’s LIBERATING to have a bit of mental space without a small child being RIGHT THERE and demanding part of your frazzled brain!

2. Shipping off one of my favourite plates to a customer in Australia. I always get excited (and a little nervous) with international orders and praying that they get there in one piece!

3. Going to watch The Nutcracker at the theatre with my Mum. I’d never been to the ballet before but it was fantastic, and I would certainly go again. The dancing was truly mesmerising, and a really beautiful way to ease us into the festive season.

4. The arrival of a new, mofo of a Christmas tree! Ok, I know it’s too early to get excited about crimbo but I wanted something less scrawny than what we had, and thought I’d better order it, lest we suddenly had some mad panic-buying of artificial Christmas trees and couldn’t get what we wanted by December (I’m only partially joking!).

5. Making the Christmas cake with Freddie and Sasha, to store away until December (with weekly booze top-ups!). One of my favourite rituals every year, and I’m so happy I can now share this with the children.

6. Sticky toffee pudding at Sunday lunch – it was just Uh-mazing, and dripping in thick custard! <drool>

7. Cuddles with my friend’s new baby boy. He is adorable, and made me feel a teeny bit broody, even though I’m not a huge ‘baby’ person usually!

8. A long phone call with an old friend. I love it when you might not have spoken to someone in ages, but just pick up exactly where you left off. We connect so often online, that I feel we often forget our ‘real life’ friends and that there is nothing like actually speaking to someone the old-fashioned way, really good for the soul!

9. Not having a hangover again. Still feeling good for it, although I’d love to feel less tired- CHILDREN YOU NEED TO SLEEP MORE!!!!

10. A lazy Sunday as a family. We went to watch some local football, had a pub lunch (see sticky toffee pudding, above), and then came home and played and watched a film. After such a busy few weeks, it’s so nice, and really important for the children, and for Adam and I, to have some time to unwind without doing too much. A highlight at the football club for the children was running around a tree and hunting for sticks! It’s the simple things…

11. A visit to my old stomping ground of Camden. It’s been several years since I lived there now, but I still love to go back. It’s got a really special vibe to it, although I’m glad I don’t fight through all the tourists on a daily basis anymore, it’s always so busy!

and finally…

12. I obviously have to mention Blogfest this Saturday just gone! An amazing day catching up with some new and old blogging friends, and listening to some really inspiring speakers, writers, bloggers and journalists. I felt the fear at one point and stood up and ask the panel a question in front of everyone (a real bum-clencher of a nerve wracking moment!). I’m so glad I did, and I’m coming to the conclusion that the more things you do that scare you, the more confidence you gain. Everyone I met was so lovely, and when you go to events like these, there is a real sense of blogging solidarity, and I left feeling physically tired, but mentally energised to continue writing. Now, I just need real life to not get in the way of this motivation! 😉

How has your week been?!



  1. mummydaddyme
    November 10, 2014 / 10:17 pm

    A lovely list as always Becky, glad the new role is going well! And was so lovely to spend a little bit of time with you at blogfest. x

    • Becky
      November 11, 2014 / 9:26 pm

      You too, let’s sort that coffee soon! x

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