Getting Back Into Normality After Lockdown Ends

meeting for coffeeYou’d be forgiven for feeling a little out of sorts after the last few months we’ve all had. Times have been tough, and that’s more than just a platitude. Thanks to the recent turmoil most of us have experienced, real changes to our livelihoods, or even familial health have been hard measures for us to grapple with, and also overwhelming to think about what to do after lockdown ends.

Yet, thankfully, it seems as though this is coming to some sort of slow finale, and while things haven’t completely improved for good, there are rays of light worth appreciating. One of these rays of light is that in many countries, lockdown is starting to ease.

But after spending several months in the household, taking major precautions whenever heading out, how are we supposed to move back to normality with care and consideration? This can be a shock to the system, almost similar to coming back from a vacation but multiplied by a factor of each extra week spent away from normal society.

So, how can we resurface without suffering from the bends? In our humble guide, you’ll find your way with caution:

Do Something For You

It can be nice to do something for you, for once. If you can do that, then you can relax in the normal flow of life once more without having to worry about all of the tasks and duties you have now resumed on top of that. If the local cafe near you is open, consider heading in for some food and a coffee with a friend. Take some time to peruse and support a local bookshop. Some may even return to the vape shop they enjoy. Enjoy a lazy walk in the park.

When we can settle back into our personal affairs slowly, we can avoid the culture shock from lockdown to no lockdown.

Take A Few Test Runs

Taking a few test runs of your daily tasks can be a great idea. For instance, waking the children up at the time they will be required to go back into school can help them adapt to this before they go. Furthermore, heading to your local shopping centre, or moving back to physical grocery shopping can help you plan your usual responsibilities around your ever-expanding schedule. Again, this helps you get back into organizing your time more appropriately.

Cultivate Something New

Cultivating a new hobby or practice gives us an excuse to get out of the house and connect with those outside of it. If there’s anything social distancing has taught us, it’s the value of being close to people and connecting. Volunteering at a local charity drive or teaching that art class you’ve been thinking of for some time can help you approximate that new, worthwhile pursuit, and you’ll likely have fun doing s. That in itself can help you feel accustomed and grateful regarding the new normal. Not a bad place to start, we’d say.


With this advice, we hope you can easily transition back to normality after lockdown ends.


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