Fix Your Kitchen Love-Hate Relationship

Ah kitchens! We love to have them… They are an indispensable part of our everyday life. But they can be a source of problems and displeasure. Indeed, did you know that along with the bathroom, the kitchen is the first room at home that shows signs of tear and wear? It’s easy to see why: we use the kitchen every day, at least twice a day, for breakfast and dinner. Food preparation, utensil storage, packing and unpacking the fridge, and many other things that happen in the kitchen can gradually affect its appearance. So how can you fix your kitchen love-hate relationship without starting a remodelling project?  

You’ve got too much stuff you don’t need 

Have you noticed how most people go through baking and cooking phases in their lives? Perhaps there was a time when you challenged yourself to bake more. Inevitably, you bought a huge kit of decorative cupcake tools, baking trays, and cute cake moulds, which have been accumulating dust in your cupboards ever since. Reclaim the lost space by decluttering your kitchen. While it doesn’t transform the space per se, it will revolutionise how you use it. You can look for a secure storage solution to keep all your unused and unwanted items. Why keep them? You may well need your baking kit for the next big birthday party. But there’s no point in keeping everything stuffed into your kitchen cupboards or drawers for now. 

Who ever thought those countertops were a good idea?

Seriously, why keep old countertops longer than you should? If your kitchen looks tired, replacing the old surface top with the help of a reputable granite and cabinet superstore can be a great solution. Kitchen worktops can get easily damaged – you accidentally place a hot pan on the countertop, and you’re doomed to have a burnt halo to remind you forever of your mistake. You prepped the veggies for your favourite summer salad, and suddenly you realise too late that the good kitchen knives left marks on the countertop. The bottom line? Replace the old surface top. Indeed, while concrete is a popular material for driveways or garden walkways, it can be a great kitchen saver too!

Brown walls make everything look and taste horrible

Your kitchen is a busy hub of activity that needs to be light and welcoming. A lot of kitchen units come in wood colours, which means that brown walls are not the best decor option. You need to lighten up the space, using simple and bright colours, such as soft pink, or bright green. Avoid dark tones that may cast a shadow to the room and affect your mood. 

No more cooking hazards!

In a modern household, the kitchen can be a stressful area. Most families are too busy with work and everyday life to dedicate extended time to cooking yummy dishes. As a result, you can develop a form of mild anxiety at the idea that you might screw up a meal. Needless to say, your success in the kitchen affects your perception of the room. But you can give yourself a hand with smart appliances such as a device that monitors the cooking process and sends notifications to your phone. 


In 2020, the place of the woman is not in the kitchen. But that doesn’t mean you can’t create a practical room for your family to enjoy delicious and healthy meals. Improving your kitchen on a budget is all about smart changes, such as decluttering, helpful tools, or new countertops. 


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