How To Truly Become Awestruck During Your Travels

We all travel for many different reasons. In fact, that sentence and statement is so true and uniform you could likely find it featured in thousands of different travel sites. But it’s true that while we cannot list all of the reasons we may travel in one lazy afternoon, we know them when we head abroad. Sometimes we travel alone, in a couple, or as a family on a special familymoon. Sometimes we travel for curiosity, sometimes for fun, sometimes to explore, sometimes to learn, sometimes to indulge. Sometimes to become awestruck!

So what if we do travel to become awe-struck? Is there value to this? Well, most people would agree that travel broadens the mind, and perhaps there’s no stronger feeling of this than when presented with an absolute marvel of creation, be that natural or man-made. This needn’t be such an arcane and secretive thing to find. Simply getting out of the pollution of the city and staring up at the sky on a clear night can help you see worlds beyond comprehension, as the beautiful stars above our heads have confused, amazed and humbled our species for thousands upon thousands of years.

So, if searching for this awestruck feeling, where to begin? We have some suggestions:

Visit Megacities

Megacities, such as New York and Dubai, are some of mankind’s most interesting, complex, and awe-inspiring achievements. It’s easy to simply think you know the skyline of these cities due to photos you have scene, but it’s quite another to get a glimpse from the area itself, standing on top of the tallest building able to see for miles in every direction. Only then can we even begin to think about absorbing just how incredible, complex and varied structures like this are.

Explore Historical Landmarks

 In our modern culture it’s quite easy to feel divorced from history, as if we are out of time. This is because technology has never been as refined as it is now, and that means it’s hard to always feel a sense of kinship with people who came even one hundred years before us, despite those people being largely the same as we are. But history is all around us, and it’s best found in the beautiful landmarks of architecture, monuments and cultural viewpoints that surround us. Travel to Malaysia and see the stone carvings of Buddha carefully curating the hillside, and you’ll feel a tear brought to your eye.

Give Way To Nature’s Beauty

Of course, there’s one consideration that is both timeless and completely out of the realm of man-made creation, and that’s the natural world. Heading to see the beautiful rolling fields of England on a wet, dewy morn, the incredible size of the grand canyon, or simply taking the time to walk around the most beautiful national parks in the United States is sure to help your jaw drop, yet you’ll likely be unable to speak anything of worth. This is the power that the natural world can have over us, and so chasing that feeling is never a bad idea.


With this advice, we hope you can truly become awestruck during your travels. You deserve a great feeling, after all.


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