What Your 2020 Summer Garden Should Look Like

gardenThe sunshine has finally blessed us with its presence and we’re out in our gardens again. Who doesn’t love the vibrancy of summer? It makes the whole world a brighter and more delightful place to be in. we’re also forced out of our hovels and into nature. Even if you open your windows for a bit of fresh air, the summer heat will level out the inside and outside temperatures. So we are naturally drawn to the patio, and more vigorously, to our gardens. But since we have been in lockdown for a few months, the styles which we love haven’t progressed. So you might be wondering, what does a 2020 summer garden look like now?

Verticality is beautiful

Whoever said you need to have a large garden in order for it to be beautiful? We have to make good use of the space we have and that means, thinking more vertically. Rather than leave garden fences bare, consider putting up plant shelves. These can be made into lighter structures, with wooden planks nailed to the fence and hoop rings for plant pots fitted and hung onto them. This allows you to place flowers and plants across the fence and make layers of natural vegetation. You can have one row of yellow flowers, another of white flowers and on top, some pink flowers. It brings a depth of beauty to your garden that couldn’t be achieved unless you have large open spaces, like those in a manor house. 

A watering hole?

If you live in a part of the world that is very hot, you could do with a watering hole. Just imagine, going out to your garden to get some fresh cool water and using it to feed your lawn and flowers. With a bore installation you can prevent drought from harming your garden and making it barren. It’s great for people who live in countries whereby the land is naturally dry, such as Australia or South Africa. The water pump which can be installed can be a great place for kids to gather around when playing in your garden. It can be used to feed water to your hose or sprinkler system. It’s also something you can effectively rely on as another water source. 

Outdoor swing seats

The summer evenings are something that shouldn’t be wasted. You’ll have to wait another 9 months before you can sleep outside in nothing more than a t-shirt. But what kind of seating would be comfortable and yet still support you effectively? Swing benches aren’t for sleeping, but birdcage swinging seats are. You can place a throw or cushion inside one of these awesome chairs, and lay back. The design will curl around your body, so you can curl up inside it. Better yet, why not just install a summer hammock? This outdoor bed provides you with enough space to lie back in and not need a lot of support to remain up. 


The trends for gardens in summer are leaning towards vertical beauty, with more rows and layers of plants and flowers than ever before- will your 2020 summer garden include them?! 



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