The Best Garden Improvement Ideas

At the moment whilst we’re all at home more, your thoughts might be turning to home improvements, including how you can make your garden a better space. A professional-looking garden is great, but can be expensive, so sometimes it pays to do your research and see what garden improvement ideas you can do yourself, and what ones you should get the professionals in to do. 

Get planting

One of the most cost-effective ways to brighten up your garden and add colour is to plant some cheaper perennials such as geraniums to  your flower beds. These can be divided and spread out around your garden, and once planted, can then be divided up the following year to create even more plants. 

Paint your fences

A lick of paint can really transform an old fence, and also provides a great backdrop for your plants and greenery. A great option for a fence colour is grey or black, and they’ll really help make these colours ‘pop’. It’s a cheaper way of updating your garden too. 

Spruce up your lawn

If your current lawn is looking a bit shabby, then laying new turf could be the answer. Whilst you can do this yourself, this is one job that’s probably better getting the professionals in for. You can calculate the cost of laying turf and see if this is one improvement that comes in under budget- which hopefully it will if you’re doing other garden improvements on a DIY basis! 

Buy or upcycle some pots

Some lovely new pots for your plants look great placed around your garden. You can either buy some new ones now garden centres have reopened, or even upcycle some old ones using special paint for a cheaper DIY job- and they can look really lovely too! Remember, containers can restrict root growth, so you need to ensure an even water supply and good drainage, plus use some decent compost.

Buy an outdoor rug

These are relatively inexpensive but can really add some pizzazz to a tired garden patio. They can be washed down and when not in use over winter can be stored away. 

Hang some hanging baskets

For some more instant colour in your garden, hanging baskets are a classic way of brightening things up, and again, are really cheap to get. You can also grow tomatoes and strawberry plants in them for something a bit different and unexpected! 

Have you been doing up your garden at the moment and have any other tips you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments below! See more of my gardening posts here.


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