How To Enjoy Life While Living Under Lockdown

Okay, so living under lockdown pretty much sucks.

Oh sure, there are the positives, and we need to grab hold of these things and embrace them. But on a day to day level, we can all start to feel a little bit run down by the less than wonderful effects of living in lockdown. 

Here’s the thing though. Life doesn’t have to become routine or boring. We don’t have to live under a dark cloud while thinking of those things that we aren’t able to enjoy while staying at home. Instead, we should do as we said and hold onto those positives, and we should make every effort to enjoy life while we have extra time away from work to do so.

So, consider these suggestions, especially if you have woken up today with your head firmly stuck in the negatives.


Enjoy your garden

If you have a garden outside, or indeed any other kind of outside area, enjoy it. Get your gardening gloves on and spend your time planting new seeds and flowers or cultivating what you might already have outside. Spend time outdoors relaxing, and order some new furniture online to give you the greater ability to unwind when you’re outside. These luxury Resort Style Bean Bags are perfect in that regard. And have fun with your family. Play games with them, have water fights with them, and let your hair down a little away from your usual adult responsibilities. 


Spend virtual time with your friends

Okay, so you might not have the opportunity to go to the bar with your friends. You might have to curb some of those other things you used to do together. But if you can spend an hour a day or more talking in a group chat on Zoom or Skype, you will still be able to gossip and have a laugh with one another. And you could even take part in activities with one another. As you can see in this virtual activity guide, you could run a book club, enjoy a games night, watch a movie, and do other things together, all from your very own living room, despite being socially distant. 


Enjoy me-time when you can

Admittedly, if you have a family, your me-time might be limited. Still, when they’re in bed or engaged in activities of their own, do those things that you enjoy. Listen to some music and boogie away in your own space. Finally get on top of your reading list. Chill out with a movie or binge-watch the latest Netflix series. Return to one of your hobbies, and spend part of each day with your particular passion. And do anything else that makes you feel good inside, and that gives you cause to smile and laugh and feel contented. 


And so…

You won’t be in lockdown forever, and when you’re back at work, you might regret time wasted if you haven’t tried to enjoy yourself while living at home. You might regret not having more fun with your family, and you might regret not having spent more time with your hobbies while you had the chance. So today, enjoy your day and be glad that you have the time to do something fun, whatever that might be for you. 



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