Updating Your Small Garden with a Tight Budget: 4 Cost-Effective Changes You Can Make

garden lightsWhether you’re looking to sell your home in the next few years or you simply want to update it, a key area that’s worth paying attention to is your garden. A part of people’s houses that is often ignored, by updating your small garden (or large one for that matter!) it will not only add value to your property but it will create a wonderful outdoor space that the whole family can spend time in throughout the seasons. 

So why not try transforming it yourself? With the extra time that you undoubtedly have during the coronavirus lockdown, it’s the perfect opportunity to get green-fingered. To give you some inspiration, here are 4 design ideas that you can use in your small garden:

Give the Lawn the TLC it Deserves

If you have a lawn in your garden, then chances are you let the winter months take their toll on it. So now is the ideal time to finally give it the love that it deserves. Even if it’s only a small patch of grass it can make all the difference to how your garden looks and feels. Therefore, it’s a good idea to spend some time giving it a mow and plant new grass seeds to give it a new lease of life.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for an option that’s fuss-free, you could instead invest in Artificial Grass in London for your garden – or wherever you’re located in the country. This way, you’ll have a wonderful looking lawn without having to carry out regular maintenance throughout the year. Plus, it’s actually cheaper than you think – especially as you have a smaller space and require less of it.

Sow Some Seeds

Another way of adding colour and personality to your smaller garden space is to sow some flowers or plants. No matter what seeds you sow, it will make a huge impact on the area. You can either plant them in designated beds or in specific individual plant pots – just make sure that you don’t overbear the space with them and you leave some room to move around!

Add Some Lights

Although this is a trick that can obviously be used in any size of garden, it works particularly well in smaller spaces as it lights it up beautifully. Whether this is lights on the fence/walls or hanging lights, it’s a budget-friendly design idea that will make it a wonderful space to enjoy time in.

Create a DIY Pond 

Now you might be thinking, why would you add a pond to a small garden that’s already lacking in space? But DIY ponds come in a variety of shapes and sizes – meaning that you can easily build one that fits.

Of course, if you are really lacking in space you could instead opt for a water feature instead. But either way, it’s a cost-effective idea that will transform your garden into the tranquil haven that you’ve always wanted. 

Final Thoughts

So, there you go! Those are 4 budget-friendly ideas that you can replicate in your garden. At the end of the day what ideas you actually use is up to you. But whatever updates you choose to make, you can be rest assured that your outdoor space will start to look refreshed and awe-inspiring in no time at all. 


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