What to look for in a criminal defence lawyer?

lawyerIf you’ve been accused of a violent crime against someone else, everything stops. Your entire future is suddenly in question, and the need to prove your innocence is unexpectedly the most important thing in the world. At this stage, your next steps need to take precedent – you need to research thoroughly what your best options are going forward, and that includes finding an excellent criminal defense law firm.

Your precarious situation isn’t made any easier when you try to wrap your mind around legal jargon, unknown terms and minute details that the supposed victim could use against you – what are the three elements of assault? Click the link to find out. 

Building the very best defence can seem completely overwhelming, however, when you choose a criminal defence lawyer suited to your case, and they’ll be able to put your mind at ease and present you and your side of events in the best way possible. So, what should you look for in a criminal defence lawyer? Read on to find out more.

Knowledge is power

Finding a lawyer who has extensive experience in practising criminal law is certainly your best bet. Some lawyers practise more than one area of law, however, if you want a lawyer who is wholly focused on the law and who is up to date with the latest in legislation and simply has more experience in criminal cases, then you should reach out to criminal defence lawyer. 

They’re local

It might be tempting to go with the cheapest lawyer, or someone who works nationwide. However, working with a local criminal defence lawyer – such as one from a firm like https://www.goss.law/ if you are located in Sacramento, CA – will put you in an advantageous position. Why? Because local lawyers will be more familiar with local state laws, and how local judges, clerks, and even local law enforcement will operate. This puts your lawyer in a better position should they need to negotiate terms of a sentence.

They treat you like a person

As mentioned above, it’s easy to get lost in the jargon and all the practicalities of a legal case. It’s even easier to feel like you’re losing control. Your criminal defence lawyer should make you feel like a normal person. They’ll talk to you, not at you. They’ll keep you informed of every detail of your case and express genuine concern over your situation. They should also keep you involved in any decisions. 

They’re not promising anything

As much as you’d like to hear that you’re going to get the result you want, it is, in fact, illegal for a lawyer to make any kind of promise or reassurance based on the outcome of your case. A lawyer should be able to provide you with confidence about your situation and reassure by giving you all the information you need, in the clearest way. 

Final thoughts…

Ensure that you always meet with your potential lawyer before you sign anything. And check up on their reviews and recommendations before you make your choice.


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