For the love of Miffy

In our house, when it comes to character ‘additions’ to the children’s bedrooms, one face I’m more than happy to see is that of that mouthless, big-eared pal, Miffy. When it came to the recent decoration of Sasha’s new bedroom (post to come next week), I breathed a HUGE sigh of relief when she said she didn’t want anything Frozen-themed (praise the Lord!), but instead was quite keen on either Hello Kitty, or the Miffster, what with being the owner of a few HK/M books and toys. 

This made one mummy happy, as I had secretly been coveting the large Miffy Nightlight for eons, as well as eyeing up a few Miffy prints for the plain white wall in her new room. Whilst I am a sucker for a Disney film, I have to admit that Disney decor makes me wince slightly (I don’t really know why?), so I find that Miffy and co are a great compromise when accessorising a bedroom for a 3 year old. Surely the coolest cartoon rabbit, no? The lack of mouth screams nonchalance I reckon (she says, probably reading far too much into the personality of a cartoon rabbit).  

Anyway, it seemed like it was accessorising fate when the guys at Miffy got in touch, not long after I’d made that lamp purchase, to show me some of the ace new Autumn 2015 Miffy print collection. And come on, what’s not to love?! 

 IXXI Nijntje-Miffy 123 ixxi Nijntje-Miffy abc ixxi Nijntje-Miffy celebration IXXI Nijntje-Miffy Coloring ixxi Nijntje-Miffy height meter ixxi Nijntje-Miffy in the museum

I absolutely ADORE the  Miffy tile picture (above), and feel I may have to purchase the Miffy height chart very soon- just need to find the perfect space to put it now! 

You can pick an existing wall design, such as a poster-style single image, height chart or collage, or you can customise your own creation to fit the available space.

The modular wall system is designed in the Netherlands, and uses durable, waterproof paper squares and connecting crosses. You can choose the detail, shape and size of the IXXI.

The Miffy wall tiles are made of Synaps (high quality synthetic paper, 0.3mm thick); the material is UV resistant, waterproof and it does not tear or warp. The tiles are easy to put up (a complete assembly kit is included) and do not require nails in the wall. They can also be changed over time, with new ones added, thereby ensuring a fresh, updated interior.

You can buy the above, plus many more Miffy prints and accessories from IXXI Design. 

Are you a Miffy fan? Which of the above is your favourite? I’d love to hear from fellow Miffy lovers!


Thanks to to the gang at Miffy for collaborating with The Spirited Puddle Jumper!



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