The Best Non-Slip Flooring Choices

Everyone has experienced the misfortune of an accidental slip in the bathroom or even the kitchen. It can feel like the most terrifying second in an unexpected moment that can either injure you and lead to breakage of anything you carry. It can also pose a risk to children who have a tendency to run through rooms with gay abandon.

There are times when having a specialised flooring to reduce the risks of accidents, slips and falls are overly clear, and it’s usually in hindsight.

When it comes to non-slip flooring solutions, there are a few that offer the ultimate in protection. The most popular is lowest price Amtico flooring.


Vinyl Tile and Planks

Designed with greater emphasis on heavy foot traffic and high resistance, luxury wood effect vinyl flooring employs many thin protective layers to safeguard not only your hectic family life but also the longevity of its lifespan.

By implementing high anti-slip properties it provides safety from spills or water so that your charging kids or over excited pets won’t be hurting themselves or damaging anything in the room from collision. Vinyl flooring has been so successful in its protective properties and easy cleaning tendencies that it has been a high commercial product in offices, schools and hospitals also.

The Brand Above

When discussing luxury vinyl flooring, the name that comes to mind the most is Amtico, which is a quality product that has become the industry leader with the most experience in durable and practical vinyl flooring.

Encompassing vast designs made to perfectly replicate hardwood, stone, slate and various other flooring products, Amtico is at the forefront of design and delivery on flooring satisfaction. On top of its design is its satisfaction in being able to keep it looking great through its near three decade warranty, proof that they know their product is the best on the market.


Quality in Slip Resistance

Amtico Spacia vinyl is manufactured to be the product that stands against every type of slip probability, which is also why it is among the easiest to clean without the requirement of a specialist chemical that could affect its top layer.

Spillages can be instantly wiped up or mopped, and a quick sweep is all that is required to keep your floor looking natural. By utilising a revolutionary wear layer thickness, the planks and tiles can prevent water from seeping through the floor and making the flooring loose or the adhesive unstuck.

If you are looking to prevent any falls, slips or mishaps around your home then cheapest amtico flooring uk could be the difference in enjoying your hectic home life without the drama.


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