Our summer garden (a bit of colour in this gloomy weather!)

Well, I have to say that summer seems a looooong time ago now! It sure is one wet and dismal Tuesday, so to perk it up a bit I thought I’d share some snaps of our garden in bloom this summer. Since my Mum got her hands on it last year, it really has flourished and begun to mature. Lots of the plants have stayed in place, and we have added a few more to the beds to continue to fill it up. We now have what I feel is a great space for all the family- one where the children can run about and play on the grass, as well as have a bounce on their trampoline, but also a place where it’s nice to sit outside and have a cuppa (or a glass of something stronger 😉 ). We’ve invested in some new garden furniture in the August Bank holiday sales (hello, uh-mazing Ebay store!), which has replaced the tired plastic green set that we were kindly given as an interim when we moved in 3 and a half years ago. 

I love the fact that we have been fairly successful in growing some of our own fruit and veg this year, and when I mentally tot up what we have, it’s actually quite a lot! I’m pleased to say that our Autumn producing raspberries have gone from strength to strength, so much so that we have had to cut them back a bit, and the rhubarb plant that we salvaged from the old, raised beds is enjoying it’s new spot in the garden, and has exceeded all expectations. We have runner beans again this year which have done well, and we are in the process of growing our own potatoes in a big tub. Our strawberry plants have FINALLY flowered, so we may get, I don’t know, the grand total of 4, but that’s a win as far as I’m concerned, it’s been a struggle with these guys! We also have redcurrants, blackcurrants and an apple tree, and our tomatoes have been (and are continuing to be) a staple in our tasty salads. 

So would you like a peek? Hopefully our Hydrangeas and co will bring some colour to your day!

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