Excellent Opportunities to Build Your Child’s Confidence

Being able to build your child’s confidence is something that most parents want to do. You want your children to have the confidence to stand up for themselves, to go after what they want, and grow into confident adults. Some children may be more naturally confident than others, but all of them can have their confidence knocked or nurtured. If you want to raise confident children, you need to allow and encourage them to take risks. It’s important for them to have a range of experiences that enable them to build their confidence and self-belief. Here are some of the opportunities you should look for to help them do that.

Staying Away from Home

Being away from home can be a key experience for children, whether it’s with their family or without them. If they’ve never spent a night away from home by the time they move out as an adult, it’s going to come as a shock for them. Fortunately, children get plenty of opportunities to stay away from home, from sleepovers to school residential trips. These types of events help them to find their independence. They learn to develop themselves outside of their family’s influence and make decisions for themselves instead of relying on their parents or others.

Extracurricular Activities

Activities outside of the usual school day can offer your child a huge range of things to do. Getting involved with extracurricular activities, whether it’s a school club or independent lessons, gives your child the option to build new skills, meet new people and build their confidence and independence. There are all kinds of things your child can try, depending on what their interests are. It could be anything from a Lego club to a sports team, or from art lessons to gymnastics. It’s not about praising your child’s natural talent but about allowing them to build confidence in their skills and determination.

One-on-One Time

Spending one-on-one time with your children is important, especially if you have several children. Although it’s good to have family time too, children benefit from spending time with their parents without having to compete for attention with their siblings. Getting love and acceptance from the important figures in their life is essential to help them gain confidence. Spending quality time together shows your child that they have value and helps to build their confidence and self-worth. There are lots of things you can do together, and it doesn’t necessarily need to be a full day.

Seeking Adventure

Looking for opportunities for adventure can help you to build your child’s confidence. It helps them to step outside of their comfort zone and realise what they’re capable of. There are lots of ways you might find adventure, whether you plan something on purpose or accidentally stumble across an opportunity to teach an important lesson. Travelling and experiencing new places, whether it’s close to home or further afield, will give your child the opportunity to grow their confidence.


Look for opportunities to build your child’s confidence if you want them to have self-belief and self-esteem.


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