Create More Privacy in Your Garden with This Advice

Sitting outside in your garden is great when the weather is right for it. But what’s not so great is the thought that other people could look in at you when you’re trying to enjoy some time to yourself. It might be nice to talk to the neighbours over the fence sometimes but you don’t necessarily want to share your space and time with them all the time. Being able to enjoy some privacy in your garden is important too. If you want to make your garden more private, there are multiple ways that you could do it. Take a look at some of these ideas.

Install (or Improve) a Fence

A fence is clearly the ultimate way to separate your garden from other people. You may already have one, but perhaps you don’t currently have a fence or wall protecting your garden. If you do have a fence, making some improvements to it could make your garden more private. Consider extending it so it’s taller, maybe adding a trellis to the top. Look for the right timber supplies to build a fence if you want to install a new one. Fences can come in different styles and colours, so find something you love.

Use Plants for Privacy

If you don’t want to rely on a fence for privacy, another option is using greenery. You can use plants in addition to a wall or fence or instead of one. Trees and bushes can help you block the view into your garden so that no one can peer in. They can also be excellent at providing acoustic insulation, helping to soundproof your garden. You can use all kinds of plants to create the privacy that you’re looking for. You could have tall hedges, cover a trellis in climbing plants, or even use trees or shrubs in planters.

Create a “Roof” for Your Garden

One thing that’s hard to prevent is people looking into your garden from above. It’s a difficult problem to solve if you want to avoid blocking natural light from your garden too. But by creating a roof for your garden, you can enjoy a bit more privacy. This could mean having a pergola or a slatted screen that hangs over part of your garden. You could use a shade sail or an awning, or consider a retractable roof of some kind. Even a parasol could work for you. It doesn’t have to be a permanent structure that you can’t move.

Add a Private Space within a Space

You don’t have to create privacy for your whole garden. You could create a private space within your garden, while the rest of it remains more exposed. This could include having a gazebo or something similar, which you could sit inside when you want more privacy. Or you could pick a corner of your garden that you surround with plants or protect with a screen so people can’t look in.


You deserve privacy in your garden. Use these techniques to create the sanctuary that you want.


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