Creative Ways to Get The Kids Moving

There are plenty of challenges that parents face on a day to day basis, one of them is ensuring that our children are as fit and healthy as they can be. Of course, what we feed them can significantly impact their health, but there are other things that we can do as parents too.

One of these is to encourage our children to be as active as possible. This may sound easy enough to do, but when you have the draw of technology to distract them, it may seem trickier than you realise to get your kids up and about.

To help you get your kids moving, we have put together some of the most creative approaches for you to give a go.  

Play active games  

A straightforward way to encourage your kids to get moving is to make exercise fun. There are several ways to do this, and they don’t have to cost the Earth either. One great toy that we have seen is gel blaster guns; they are designed to look more life-like than other toy guns and allow children and adults to have some fun whilst they are active, another would be trampolines, which pretty much every kid (and adult) loves bouncing on, and which are also very healthy!

Make being active a challenge

You will be hard-pressed to find a child who can say no to a challenge, even if that challenge means that they need to get active and outside. So, why not do just this and make an activity a challenge for them? This could be an assault course or a scavenger hunt, whatever you think will appeal to them most of all. They could be challenging against themselves (such as beating a previous time), or it could be for a treat at the end of it.  

Do it with them

It is one thing to tell your kids to be more active, but what if you actually show them the way? If you are active with them, you are much more likely to find that they want to do it; after all, many children love having as much time as possible with their parents. Not only will it encourage them to get active, but it also will help you to be active too, which means that you will feel the benefit.  


So many of us take for granted the outside space that is in our local areas. However, sometimes it can be the perfect place to explore. Why not take the opportunity to get kids out of their homes and get them outside? Not only will it help them to get some fresh air, but you never know what you might find outside your own doorstep.  

As you can see, you can do many amazing things to try and encourage your kids to get moving. The main thing to remember is that there is a good chance that they will not do this off their own backs, which means that you need to be there encouraging them to get up and get active.  


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