How to maintain a safe family swimming pool

Summer is here. And with the schools out, now is the time your family pool will get the most use – but it’s also the time it’ll need the most care. Follow these easy steps to make sure you get the most out of your safe family swimming pool this summer. 

Check the structure 

A rip or a leak can be frustrating – especially if you’ve just filled the pool up. It’s best to thoroughly check the bottom and sides of the pool before you begin to set it up. You can also take preventative measures when you’re not using the pool: take it down during colder months and secure it safely away from sharp edges or nails. Similarly, if you are lucky enough to have an in-ground pool and find you need a new pool liner due to damage or a leak, then offers a number of liner options not only to aesthetically upgrade you pool, but also ensure it is functioning well throughout the dog days of summer. 

Alternatively, if you’re not using a blow up pool you can check for a genuine leak with a bucket test 

Keep an eye on chemical levels 

The chemical and pH level of your pool are what keep it safe to enjoy. It’s crucial to use the right chemicals to keep it safe throughout the Summer. Central to this is getting the pH right. The pH is the scale of acidity and alkaline, ranging from 0 to 14 where the middle point of the scale at 7.0 is neutral. The correct rating for your pool is between 7.0 and 7.6. Pool chlorine tablets can help you regulate the pH of your pool by cleaning and sanitising it for several days at a time.  

Buy some inflatables 

Inflatables, such as small lilos or animal shaped floats, not only add an element of character to your pool, but they can also offer children a safe flotation aid should they not feel confident in water yet! Inflatables based on characters can be a great alternative to having them bring outside toys into the pool too! 

Just be sure to avoid leaving toys in the pool when everyone’s stopped playing. Over time the plastic can break down due to constant water and heat exposure. To preserve your floats for as long as possible, ensure you store them carefully! 

Keep it tidy 

There’s nothing worse than jumping in a pool to be met with clumps of grass and leaves. Try to create a ‘cleaning off’ area around your pool using towels or mats so everyone can clean themselves of any debris before their dip! Keeping a pool cover handy will also help ensure your pool stays free of stray leaves and insects while not in use. 

Having a well-maintained, safe family swimming pool is the ideal way to cool off during those blissful Summer days. And with a little love and attention your pool will stay that way for years to come. 


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