3 Ways To Make Your Church Beautiful for Baptisms

When you are getting ready to prepare for your baby’s baptism, you want everything to be picture perfect. The décor and ambiance of the church will set the tone for the event and be remembered in the pictures for years to come. Creating a setting that will be both memorable and sentimental doesn’t require a great deal of work. Preparing for a baptism and the party that is likely to follow can be stressful for the family, so creating a simple, beautiful, and calming space in the church will help the whole day go smoothly. Many churches are already very beautiful inside, so a few small changes can make a huge impact. Here are three ways to make your church even more beautiful for a baptism.

1. Candles

Cathedral candles provide soft glowing light and can be put everywhere. You can have altar candles and candles around the altar and Baptism space on stands of all different heights to create texture to the light. By spreading the candles out through the alter space, you create a warm glowing environment to surround those participating in the baptism. The cathedral candle company carries a wide range of candles in varying heights and thicknesses. You can also find different colored candles at the cathedral candle company. However, for a baptism, white candles are the appropriate color since it signifies the purity of the baby and the grace of God. White is commonly used in altar candles and church decorations.

2. Flowers

Flowers can be added to the altar, the floor surrounding the altar, side tables, pew ends, and even hanging flowers from the ceiling, walls, and chandeliers. While artificial flowers can work, they will not provide the beautiful fragrance and soft texture of real flowers’ blooms. Begonias, petunias, violets, tulips, and greenery will enhance the space, making it softer. You can use containers, vases, hanging baskets, or other home decor vessels to hold the flowers around the church. You can choose small flowers for areas where the people will be sitting or where the baby will actually be baptized. However, larger flowers in floor vases are better for the background areas around the altar and baptismal font to create a floral backdrop. Plants are naturally calming and are encouraged for people with anxiety among other mental health conditions. Adding more plants and flowers to the church will heighten the atmosphere by making it more calming for the family members who may be feeling anxious about the baptism.

3. Fabric

Fabric can also be used to create a beautiful space. It can be hung from the ceiling, walls, pillars, or pews and draped to soften the feel of the room. It can be woven in with the flower baskets or around the base of floor candle holders. Churches are often filled with wood and stone from the floor to the altar itself. Fabric can be used to soften the hard textures of the church building. Most churches already use fabric to cover the altar for services. Adding fabric can be an extension of what is already there to create a sweeping and seamless look to the church interior.


People often feel close to God through nature. The wood and stone of the church, the candles, flowers, and fabric, along with the water used in the baptism, work together to create a serene atmosphere that will make people feel closer to nature and closer to God. The setting created in the church will feel like a sacred space, which is exactly what you want for a baptism. The photos of the event will display the serene and natural setting of the church, so the family can remember it as the holy ceremony that it was.


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