baby bathtime flannel fingers

Easier Baby Bathtime with Flannel Fingers

baby bathtime flannel fingers

Having a baby third time around after having a gap of 5 years has meant that I’ve done away with certain baby products, and embraced new ones that I wish were around when I had Freddie and Sasha.

One of these fab new finds has come from a wonderful mum at my children’s school, Emily, who is the brains behind the award-winning ‘Joey’s Flannel Fingers’. Quite simply, Flannel Fingers are flannel gloves (made of the softest, organic cotton blend) that help stop your tiny newborn, or slippery older baby or toddler, becoming a cropper in the bath. You can lather them up and use them for actually washing your baby, meaning there’s no more nail-biting juggling of baby soap and shampoo.

Having tried and tested them for a while now, they make the whole bathing process much safer and therefore stress-free.

I could SO have done with these when Freddie was a new baby- I remember feeling nervous bathing him as he seemed so small and fragile, and I was terrified of dropping him in the bath.

Fast forward 7 years, and my Flannel Fingers are now perfect for keeping hold of a wriggly Arlo. He absolutely loves his bath, and is in that tricky in between stage where he’s now too big for his bath seat (we had a near-miss escapee incident only last week!), but not yet steady enough in the water to keep himself upright for long. Using the gloves has meant I can keep a firm-yet-gentle grip on our lively little guy, which has surprised me as I wasn’t sure if they would be useful past the small baby stage, but I was wrong!

I might know Emily, but I never champion products on here that I don’t believe in, and I can happily state that Flannel Fingers would now be on my ‘things you need for a newborn list’- DEFINITELY a great ‘extra’ gift for your friend who is expecting a new arrival.

Thanks to Emily and Flannel Fingers for introducing me to a baby bathtime staple!

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44 thoughts on “Easier Baby Bathtime with Flannel Fingers”

  1. What a clever product! I’ll need to see if there is something like this in the states. 🙂

  2. make it calm and reassuring – there are so many products out there now to hold a tiny new baby whilst you bath it , it makes the baby feel so much more secure if you are not fumbling about .holding the baby and washing it at the same time! its not so bad when the baby can sit themselves

  3. I know it sounds so obvious but never leave the baby unattended not even for a second to run to grab a towel etc. Always be prepared and have everything ready and near.

  4. Gosh, such a simple but effective product. My best tip is to position the baby bath in a place that is comfortable and safe for mum or dad to use without leaning and hurting their back.

  5. I don’t have any children but would love to win this prize to donate to charity, to go to Romania.

  6. Give yourself time to relax so that baby and parent can enjoy bathtime and never leave baby or toddler unattended!

  7. Never leave them unattended. As they get much older & have their first independent baths, make them sing so you know they are still breathing!!!!

  8. Check that the waters not to hot by using your elbow if its to hot for your elbow then it’s far to hot for the baby.

  9. Make sure the water is the right temperature and not too hot by testing with your wrist and elbow

  10. Always test the temperature of the water yourself first, then I pop her feet in for 5-10 seconds before putting her in fully, so I know she is ok with the temperature.

  11. My best tip is to make sure you have everything together and at the side of you before you put the baby in the bath! Nothing worse than not having something near that you need!!

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