Blouse Up Your Tween’s Wardrobe: Top Picks for Every Style

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Too old to be a child and yet too young to be considered a teenager, the tween phase is an interesting one for kids, especially girls. It’s at this stage they really start to show their true personalities and they start to show more interest in their looks and outfits.

Your tween girl is likely to experiment with different outfits and choose clothing pieces that reflect their style and personality. If you are familiar with tween fashion, which often tends to be fun and very stylish, you’ll know that they tend to mimic that of older teenage girls while having their own unique vibes.

One of the most important pieces of clothing that should be in your tween’s wardrobe is a blouse. Blouses are one of the most stylish and versatile clothing in every lady’s wardrobe, young or matured. We talk more about blouses below.

The Versatile Piece That Should Be In Every Lady’s Wardrobe

A lady’s wardrobe just isn’t complete without a couple of blouses and that applies to your little tween lady. And the best thing about blouses is how they manage to efficiently combine style, functionality, and versatility. Not many clothing pieces can be as stylish and versatile as a blouse.

Whether you are pairing blouses with a pant, mini skirt, fitted pencil skirt, peg legs/cigars, the result will always be aesthetically pleasing. In short, blouses can combine with any ‘bottom’ in the wardrobe. Think of them as the ‘unicorn’ in every lady’s wardrobe.

Blouses can be very stylish especially if you choose those made from high-quality materials like cotton, silk, cashmere, and so on. There are also several patterns to choose from and blouses don’t have to be always plain. From flowery prints to beautiful patterns, you’ll find no shortage of gorgeous blouses for your teen at local stores near you or at dedicated female online stores or outlets such as Hayden Girls.

Below, you’ll find a couple of different blouse designs that should make it in your tween’s wardrobe:


  • Button Up Blouses

Available in a wide variety of materials, colors, and designs, button-up blouses are a fantastic addition to your tween’s wardrobe. Button-up blouses usually come with collard which adds extra intrigue to the wearer’s appearance.

Depending on the design – print, plain, fancy, or solid-colored – a button-up blouse can be a casual or more formal dressing for your tween. Pair them with a nice pair of pants or high-waisted shorts, strappy sandals or some other footwear, and the budding fashionista in your young tween is about to emerge.


  • One Piece Blouse

A one-piece blouse is super comfortable without sacrificing style. Being a simple outfit, all you need to worry about with a one-piece blouse is the footwear to combine with it and if there is a need for other accessories.

Your tween can rock a one-piece blouse with a nice pair of sneakers or sandals for casual occasions. If you want to take things up a notch at more formal occasions, a pair of boots or high heels can create a strong look.

Leggings or skinny jeans can be combined with one-piece blouses, especially for casual occasions, but it has to be done right, else you risk creating a ‘sloppy’ look.


  • Jacket Blouse

Jacket blouses are similar to traditional jackets worn by tweens. However, the major difference between jacket blouses and conventional blouses is the material as the former isn’t as thick as the former.

That said, jacket blouses are very appealing and have a sophisticated appearance that attracts many tweens. Paired with straight leg jeans or slim-fitted slacks, jacket blouses can create a very sleek appearance.


Helping Your Tween Find Their Style

As your tween is slowly becoming their own person, they’ll have more of an opinion about what they wear. Gone are the days you can dress them anyhow you like, and they’ll just go along it. Then, it’s more or less like dressing a doll but those are simpler days, and your kid now wants to have some influence over their clothing.

Start by having a conversation with your daughter to have an idea of how she wants to be seen or perceived. As the parent, you have the final say over what your child wears, but you should seek their opinion about how they want to be seen and help them find their style.

Adults and children have one thing in common when it comes to dressing and that’s comfort. Both parties want to be comfortable, and your tween’s wardrobe should reflect this. Style and comfort can always go together. A couple of accessories are always good, but you should take the lead on this to ensure it’ properly done.


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