Four Stylish Looks to Keep Your Youngsters on Trend

Everyone has had days when their children want to wear a tutu with a pair of gumboots and a bathrobe, but a well-chosen wardrobe of clothes can give your child the freedom to express themselves in more practical outfits. If you shop carefully, you can ensure that your child has a range of options that allow them to express their creativity while looking and feeling great.

When you’re buying clothes for children, it’s important to consider when they will be wearing them and what they will be getting up to. Active kids prioritize comfort and flexibility so they need clothes that allow them to move freely, but parents want to know that they can let their little adventurers follow their interests and their clothes will wash well.

Their clothes should be able to withstand all the rough and tumble you kids can muster, so   choose durable fabrics and styles that will look good even as hand-me-downs. There are plenty of ways to dress your kids with comfort and style in mind, such as the below four stylish looks:


Timeless Choices

Jeans will always be a popular choice; however old your child is. From adorable denim overalls to the latest fit of jeans, they are the perfect canvas for kids to test out their style, whether they are rocking a goth look or wearing cut-offs to the beach.

Denim is hard-wearing and easy to wash, so you can encourage your kids’ enthusiasm for adventuring knowing that they are well-protected from scrapes and scratches. And you needn’t stop at jeans when it comes to denim – jackets, shirts, shorts, and skirts are all great staples for any cool kid’s wardrobe.

Give Them a Rainbow

Kids are always drawn to bright colors and most enjoy the look of bright clothing, from sequins and sparkles to neon colors and bold patterns. You can encourage them to express themselves by buying clothing in all the colors of the rainbow so that they can dress to suit their mood.

Some kids love slogans and clever graphics, and you can often find shirts that reflect your kids’ interests as well. Clothing featuring a favorite quote or character can help children identify like-minded friends and there’s such a wide variety of clothing available that you’re sure to find something that makes your child feel good.

Accessories Can Make an Outfit

Kids tend to take a bold approach to accessorizing and it’s a great way to give them the freedom to explore their own fashion sense while ensuring that they are dressed appropriately for the day. If you can persuade them to wear a dinosaur hat instead of t-rex slippers, or a sparkly tiara instead of a mermaid’s tail, you can help them to look great and feel amazing too.

Practical accessories can also help your children’s clothes to last longer. Accessorizing with a belt or suspenders allows you to buy larger clothing that your child can wear comfortably as they grow.

Let Your Children Guide You

Many children have strong feelings about their clothes and feel better when they can wear an outfit that they feel really reflects who they are. They appreciate the opportunity to have their say and develop their own sense of style, so take your children shopping with you and allow them to have as much input as possible.

Depending on how old your child is, you can either suggest items for them to choose from or give them completely free reign within a price range. Empowering them to choose their own clothes will help your children to develop confidence in their own style as they learn who they are and what they like.

From toddlers that get through several outfits a day but always want to wear their favorite items, to tweens that want to experiment with a range of different looks, a well-chosen wardrobe helps your child to develop their own unique identity. 


So here are four stylish looks… See some more of my parenting and kids fashion posts here!


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