Outfit Hacks: Creative Ways to Wear Your Boots

Boots are a staple in any wardrobe and for good reason. They’re versatile, stylish, and can be worn for any occasion. But with so many different styles of boots out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and end up with a closet full of footwear that you rarely wear. That’s why we’re here to help you get the most out of your boots and your wardrobe. By showing you creative ways to wear your boots for different occasions.

We’re keen to help you get maximum wear and versatility out of your footwear. So say goodbye to buying a new pair of boots every time you need to switch up your look and let’s dive into the world of boot hacks.

Make Life Easier

Before we go further, here’s our top tip! So if you take anything away, let it be this.

When it comes to switching up outfits and getting the most out of any wardrobe – you need to start with a pair of boots that have an ‘open’ design. But what do we mean by this? Well, we suggest picking up a pair that is charismatic enough to look great, but a design that does not go over the top.

For example, if you have a pair of boots with a pattern, this massively limits you because it defines the types of looks available from the start. Keeping life simple with a pair of clean, versatile boots will make your life so much easier. Instead of having to force certain styles or avoid them altogether.

By choosing boots that are designed with versatility in mind, you can save time and money by having a pair of shoes that can adapt to any occasion or outfit.

To cut to the chase of it, we recommend Blundstone’s women’s boots (specifically their heeled boots). These are unique enough to turn heads, whilst being highly practical compared to other heels, and best of all – they go with pretty much anything.

So let’s take a look at some ways to style them effortlessly!


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that workwear is absolutely huge in 2023. The rough and ready vibe is a must-have in any wardrobe. We just love the fact that it looks awesome whilst being super practical. A cool way to set yourself apart from others wearing this style is to wear a cropped tee underneath overalls, this adds some complexity to the silhouette and lets you breathe.

Workboots “work” well here, but really any brand that offers a chunky and solid boot will do the job nicely. You don’t need to schlep around town in steel toe caps to get this look, at the end of the day, you need to be comfortable. We suggest working in the mustard and forest green colour palettes, brown works great for this too!

Art Chic

This look is all about embracing a carefree and fun style. Your boots can play a big role in achieving this look. When it comes to looking arty, it’s all about being colourful, mixing and matching patterns, and not worrying about clashing colours (even doing so intentionally). This is where a versatile pair of boots comes in handy, as they can complement any creative outfit. Don’t be afraid to be loud and cosy with your footwear, as chunky knits and fuzzy socks only add to the positive vibe. For this look you can be bolder with some patterned or coloured boots, but you can also leave this role for the rest of your clothes and just settle with some plain but  reliable boots instead.

To take your style to the next level, consider accessorising with cheap craft jewellery from sites like Etsy or even from local markets. Resin rings are a great option for adding pops of colour to your outfit without breaking the bank. Throw in some chunky jewellery, and pair it all with your trusty boots for the perfect art-chic look.

Edgy Noir

This dark look is an absolute must. If you haven’t already got a black leather jacket to compliment a pair of black boots, this will take your style to a whole other level. Some decent sized heels help you see over the crowds at concerts, and going in brave with black lipstick will set you apart from the rest. Though, this may not be for everyone so staying safe with some minimal eyeliner or even the classic cat eye shape totally works too.

If you love going to gigs, bars and enjoy the edgy look, you might be interested in this style. We totally love niche band tees, from local gigs and bands in your area. But you can’t go wrong with the greats. Try finding genuine vintage tees on second hand markets, but please only for bands you really listen to!

Urban Explorer

Inspired by our travels, this outfit is awesome for backpacking or when wondering around during city breaks in the summer, either khaki or beige cargo shorts really sets the tone here. Whack on a pair of boots and you can walk all day long. When travelling we highly recommend travelling light, and whilst a pair of boots can be heavy, it should mean that you don’t have to keep swapping them over – as they can be worn in casual and formal scenarios (just make sure to give them a clean!) 

A classic grey vest is all you need here, as the interest is elsewhere. Don’t forget a fun hat such as a jungle-style boonie or sunhat, these give your outfit some interest whilst being totally practical, who doesn’t love that?

You can also throw on some leather bracelets, beaded jewellery, or real feathers (ethically sourced!). We recommend checking out local craftsmen/women for these types of accessories so that you support the economy, meet people and can have something lovely to remember your time away.

The Minimalist

Some days you just need to get the basics down, the attitude and behaviour of the person wearing the outfit is more important than the clothes. Because after all, don’t actions speak louder than words? There is nothing quite like the classiness of someone walking down the road full of confidence, wearing some staple basics that show off an outfits silhouette. 

A cheeky tip that we can offer is to look for off-whites, quite often it is easy to fall into the trap of picking up bright white tops, but this can look quite formal in some situations (e.g. at dinners and events), it can also be a pain to keep stain free. Natural linens are a useful material here, because they fall nicely between casual and formal. Then, a pair of sleek black boots gives this outfit a nice foundation to set the tone for the rest of your day, so that you feel together as soon as you step out of the door.

Flannel Fanatic

Saving perhaps the best until last, in terms of flexibility! (a great everyday outfit), is the perfect plaid outfit. We based this one on the rustic vibe that brown leather naturally gives off. 

We absolutely love picking up vintage flannel shirts from second-hand stores, usually the mens section has some great oversized shirts that are super comfortable and oversized. These shirts look great when they’re open, with a shirt underneath or tucked it to look a little smarter (tip: try high waisted jeans if tucking in!). Another way to take this outfit to the next level, is tying up the bottom of the shirt. This one is ideal to get that southern aesthetic and works well in autumn. Look out for the larger plaid patterns, which tend to look better than the smaller varieties, just because it’s a bit more casual.

This look is so versatile, you can chuck on a cowboy hat, trucker cap or just rock a messy bun and it will look great. A pair of sepia sunnies really makes you feel immersed in this outfit and you perceive the world in a laid back way. A huge look that can be achieved through some simple steps.

There We Have It!

We don’t know about you, but we loved putting this one together. It’s great to sit down and plan some new outfits so that you can get the most out of your pieces that you already own – or to think of outfits that you can easily put together whilst only needing a few new items. We’re super keen to suggest buying items that can be used in multiple ways, so that you don’t waste your hard earned money – and this is better for the environment too! 


Enjoy these fun looks, and send in your ideas.


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