And Then There Were Three…

pregnant woman

This post is dedicated to all of you women out there who have recently found out that you are carrying a child. We’re not sure how you might be feeling about that at this present time, because we know that having a baby is going to give you a whirlwind of emotions. If the baby was planned then these emotions might not be as bad as if the baby wasn’t planned. But we also know that it is now far more common for women to be having babies without even planning to. The term ‘accident’, is thrown around more than ever before. But that doesn’t mean that the baby isn’t going to be loved or nurtured, it might just mean that there’s a little bit of added stress as you haven’t had any time to plan or prepare for what’s to come. So, whether planned or not, we’re going to help you go from two to three and create a happy little family. Keep on reading to find out more.

Get The Home Ready

There are so many things that are going to have to change about the home you’re living in, and one of them if your ability to have money. Money will start flying out of your bank account before you know it, and the best way to deal with that is to start saving now. Later down the line, you can think about getting your home ready. The two changes that will need to be made are to a spare room, although the baby will probably sleep with you for the first few months. You’ll also need to babyproof everything. You’ll soon come to realise that you can never be too careful around the home. Everything becomes a hazard because your baby doesn’t know what a hazard is! If you’re in the first few months of your pregnancy, however, just focus on getting money in your bank account so that you have enough to do up the home, as well as have some to fall back on in the future.

Getting Precious Baby Items

Baby items are so cute, and it’s one of the best things about your pregnancy. Filling that spare room with all of their clothes, toys, and essentials for making sure they’re clean and happy is just so much fun. You can buy baby clothes online and we’d definitely recommend that you do that because of how much they can cost in the store. It’s often better to find a deal online. We’d recommend making a list of everything you need. From nappies to nappy cream, to a water bottle steriliser, you’ll need to put it all on your list. Ask friends and family if they can think of anything you need to add to it, just so you know that you’ve got everything.

Getting Yourself Ready

Finally, get yourself ready so that the hardest part is the birth. Have a great birthing plan in place, and make sure your mind and body is ready to go through it all. It often helps women to go to pregnancy classes and newborn classes so they can have all of the tips and tricks that they need/


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