A Very Busy Time & Shop Launch Day!

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Hola! I am back, after a couple of crazy weeks of family parties, a holiday to sunny Spain, a wedding weekend away and trying to FINALLY cement the launch of my new Etsy Vintage Crockery & Accessories store, ‘What Would Irene Do?’, which has launched today! You can visit the store HERE, and I’ve also set up an official website/blog www.whatwouldirenedo.com, that will contain more detailed info about the background to the business, plus some regular blogs about getting it all up and running and that other passion of mine, sourcing beautiful and unusual stock. I also hope to be able to write some interesting stories about the pieces I’m going to be selling, so stay tuned for this! I always try to find items that I feel people would want either in their own home, or that would be used when hosted an event along a certain vintage theme, so I do get VERY excited when going rummaging for new things! Oh, and you can find the link to my shop and website/blog in the top tab now of this blog, and I will update here with any news/offers as and when.

The launch today nearly didn’t happen, as yesterday afternoon, after returning from the wedding we were at, I was sorting some last minute bits for the store and loading stock up online and ready to go, when I came down with a horrible migraine (possibly stress-related). I don’t get them very often these days, but when I do my eyes go all funny, as does my speech, so there was nothing that I could do apart from go and lie down for a few hours until it passed. Which was REALLY annoying, as it meant about 4 hours of yesterday were lost, so I’ve still been playing catch up a bit today- nightmare! I love being busy, but it will be good to slow down into a usual rhythm again and get my breath back.

The blog has taken a back seat due to all that’s been going on, but sometimes that not a bad thing. I think a breather is good to refresh your creativity and get your blogging mojo back. Normal service should start to be resumed within the next week or so!

I’ve also got some exciting news about a blog collaboration that I hope to be able to share this week too, involving a great online clothing store, so it really is all go go go right now!

I would love to hear what you think about both my store and website, so please do let me know!

You can also follow the store on Twitter @WWIDVintage

Happy Monday folks!



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