July Monthly Goals and WIN a £50 Amazon Gift Card

033One of the things I’ve loathed over the past couple of months of being in a slump is the feeling of bumbling along and not really having much focus. As the years have gone by I’ve realised at the grand old age of 32 that I’m someone who likes to makes lists, plans and have little targets to keep me ticking over. The feeling I get once these goals, both big and little, are ticked off is awesome! 

These past couple of weeks or so I’ve felt much better, and whilst we’re still having a couple of minor things delaying our house move (ETA end of August hopefully), overall my head is no longer spinning and for the first time in what feels like yonks, I’m back to my happy, motivated self. 

I thought it might be good for me to write some of these goals down in order to keep me focused, and review at the end of each month whether or not I achieved them, if I managed to get any others completed, or if I was actually too unrealistic. Most of these goals aren’t life-or-death things that NEED to happen, but if I don’t have even a small plan, shit just doesn’t get done, no matter how organised I am!

Fitness, health and well-being 

I think it’s really easy to be vague when it comes to these sort of goals, such as saying “I’ll do 3 sessions a week at the gym” (which is what I’ve been doing lately, with hit-and-miss results). Through out July I’m going to be specific:

  • I will do 3 gym sessions a week, on the following days- Tuesday morning, Thursday morning and a weekend morning first thing. Tuesdays is Bootcamp, Thursdays spin or body combat, and weekend morning running and weights. 
  • Continue eating lower carb, but not beating myself up if the odd tiredness-induced carby meal kicks in (side eye the cheesy beans on toast). 


  • Continue to build my posting back up to where it was a few months ago i.e. several a week. Prepare/plan a week’s worth of posts in advance. 
  • Design and put together a media pack for potential clients.
  • Pitch to 2 brands that I love with an idea, and who I think would be a great fit to work together. 


  • Continue to change my maiden name to my married name on a few more things, this month- driving licence, kid’s school, remaining bank account, library card (it’s only taken a year!).
  • Start packing boxes for house move.
  • Get quote from landscape gardener for tackling new house garden so we’re ‘ready to go’ when we move in. 
  • Continue bullet journal prep for month of July (see post coming next week!)

I think these are all achievable…

I don’t want to set myself up to fail, but I definitely think these are all ‘doable’, and a few are things I’ve been meaning to do for a while so I know that following through with them will give me immense satisfaction #saddo

I’ll report back at the end of July! 

Do you have any goals you want to achieve this month?

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339 thoughts on “July Monthly Goals and WIN a £50 Amazon Gift Card”

  1. I’m going to try and de-stress myself. That’s the goal for this month, not sure if it’s possible 🙂

  2. After a rather stressful June, I am going to try and de-stress and try to get back to a half decent sleeping pattern because at the moment I am having to rely on alcohol and sleeping tablets to get me to sleep – and they leave me feeling lousy the next day! So I need more fresh air to help wear me out – so longer walks with the dog!

  3. My goals will be to finish off the baby’s nursery, review all direct debits, and enjoy my birthday month!

  4. I have a lovely garden but have not got on top of the weeds and replanting so this will be my main July goal (all 50 metres of it!) and of course my Bullet Journalling!

  5. To tidy all the cupboards they are in need of a sort out! & if the sun shines sitting in the garden 🙂

  6. I have just over half a stone to lose to get to my target weight for my birthday on Aug 2nd that it my one and ol=nly goal this month!!!!

  7. as soon as the kids’ summer holidays start we’re going to have a good clear out of all our junk!

  8. Going on our first family camping trip, which with a 2 year old and a 6 year old is not filling me with joy for a relaxing time! BUT they are very excited and I know they will love it so I’m challenging myself to enjoy it!

  9. I’m going to get the house cleared of anything we no longer need or use so that we can relax and enjoy the summer holidays 🙂

  10. Hadn’t made any, but maybe I should start planning. Something like getting my life organised, prioritising etc. Would like some Positivity and Security. That may be due to previous uncertainty and lack of control and support in my life :- in particular from authority figures, employer, government organisations, male relatives etc. Recently lost a close friend, so in need of some readjustments. Now the grieving process begins :- Something I am used to, lost my Dad at a young age and suddenly, only to have to move house, school etc within a few months due to structural home damage as result of a hurricane.

    Loss of close friend wil take some adjustment, as close to all of her family also. Family home now sold, which held so many memories for all of us. Spent numerous holidays, long weekends visiting them there. Preparing for family weddings at that home etc. We maybe can help each other absorb these changes. Children now studying at University, learning to Drive etc so they are busy preparing for their adult life.

    Life moves on, but will be different. Have memories of Happy times with my friend. Will always value her having been part of my life.

  11. My goal for this month is to stress less and exercise more – especially by going bodyboarding now the sea is warming up.

  12. Need to get my baby some 9 -12 months clothes and start learning Welsh fast as we live here now xx

  13. Get the garden path done that my wife wants, if she ever makes her mind up how she wants it!

  14. My goal for this month is the same as last month, and the month before, and the month before that… to start exercising and get into shape!

  15. I really need to organise our iTunes and photos and start writing a list for university supplies!

  16. I would like to crochet some baby things for my twin sister who is pregnant. It helps me to have goals even though theyre small as I suffer from depression so find it hard to motivate myself

  17. To Get through my surgery I am going through!!!!!!!!!!!! My birthday in 4 days and this would be the best treat ever! #Competition #win #giveaway ~~~***~~~ ???????????? Sooooo fab!!! Thanks so much for a chance to win at your amazingly generous giveaway !! fingers crossed so tightly ~~~***~~~ ???????????? ~~~***~~~ xoxo Liked and Shared!

  18. I have so many family birthdays coming up in July that it’s crazy! My goal is to be completely organised and enjoy every one without being rushed off my feet!

  19. Visit the podiatrist, visit the dentist and visit my Mum. Not in that order of preference though!

  20. I am clearing the clutter in our house and repainting the kitchen and utility room 😀

  21. I’m going to, finish decluttering mine and the children’s wardrobes, sort out our camping gear in time for our holiday at the end of the month, clean the oven and spend some time on sorting out my feet so that they’re summer ready!

  22. This month I want to try and be positive as much as possible rather than always thinking of the negative!

  23. Trying to de-clutter and get our house more organised! If I start now I might be organised by the new school year in september.

  24. Get back on the diet. My partner has been ill and had surgery on his mouth so we’ve been eating a soft food diet, We can now start back on real food!

  25. To start using my exercise bike and to get my head around my new camera so I can take decent photos.

  26. Having lost 9lbs last month (and finally reached a ‘healthy’ BMI for the first time in FOREVER!) I want to lose another half a stone before our summer holiday (6 weeks to go, easy peasy!). Along with increasing my cardio endurance, lifting PBs and reducing my body fat percentage. I also want to make serious headway into the pile of books I have to read.

  27. I want to figure out what i’m going to blog about & start a blog and I also want to try & keep things a bit more tidy & organised at home

  28. stop getting stressed out and enjoy my holiday in cornwall then buckle down to losing weight when I get home and enjoy the rest of the holidays with my 6 year old

  29. I need to sort my diet out, I’ve been eating whatever I want for the past few weeks and really feeling the consequences now! Going away to Wales in two weeks so I’m going to try and lose that bloated feeling for then 🙂

  30. My main goal is to actually start my driving lessons and to pass my test as soon as I can!

  31. My Goal is to de clutter and thoroughly clean and decorate my sons Bedroom before he breaks up from school

  32. I’m on holiday for the first week so will spend the remaining 3 weeks trying to lose my holiday weight which I am bound to put on 🙂

  33. To enjoy my holiday next week and then get down to searching for a new place to live – the first place I will own.

  34. My major goal is to get the garden sorted out. Lots of weeding and digging to do, along with pruning some shrubs. Love being outdoors.

  35. To get over my current episode of sciatica so I can get my independence back and not have to rely on my husband helping me out so much!

  36. Get my husband to sort my bedroom/living room out so I can have a fridge by me. Woo…cold drinks!

  37. I’m hoping to repaint the front door and garage door – subject to weather! Hoping for some dry days, have started prepping so hopefully they’ll all look fresh and clean by the end of the month.

  38. Completed some unfinished jobs around the house.
    Plan some fab activities for the summer holidays.
    Get vaccinations sorted for forthcoming holiday.

  39. I want to lose another half a stone and drink more water.

    I plan to write my business plan and make time to see friends and family.

  40. I need to paint my garden fence and paint some shelves and also I want to get started getting some exercise

  41. I’m going to try to sell the mountain of stuff currently piled in the small room (sure there use to be a carpet in there once)
    Oh and try not to drink as much wine as last month 🙂

  42. July is a crazy busy month. My main goals are to survive it, get through it, and do a bit of a life review at the end of July to consider what I need to change to stop being sooooooo busy all the time.

  43. Looking forward to my birthday in July and planning lots of fun activities for the kids to do during the summer holidays. I also need to get round to getting my car fixed.

  44. My goal is to reach my target weight, I have lost 3st 6lbs so far and have another 8lbs to lose.

  45. Get the garden tidy after 2 weeks away. Its overgrown and need of some care. A big challenge for July2016!

  46. To resist the urge to drink beer in the sunshine too often and to make sure I continue to practice my saxophone regularly so that I make progress with learning!

  47. I’m doing an online proofreading course and have been so lazy so I need to complete an assignment this month!

  48. My July Goals/things are to finally sort our my garden and to get my bike fixed so that I can go cycling along my local canal x

  49. My goal is to finally be able to get outside and enjoy some sunny weather before autumn kicks in 😉

  50. Mine is to catch up on all the spring cleaning before the kids break up and to tidy the garden.

  51. I love making monthly goals but always struggle to complete everything I now make sure everything I write down is achieveable and long term goals as well as short term ones for July I have pass my driving test, get a new job and start being more healthy and overall more positive as long term goals and my short term goals are to have a major house clear out, recent holiday pictures printed and put up and do the back garden up

  52. I’ve had a ear infection since June so my goal is to get rid of the dam thing this July as its really getting me down

  53. I need to get everything organised for our holiday abroad in August, I have 7 people to pack for so its going to be a busy month.

  54. My goal this month is to go to more yoga and Pilates classes because I feel so good after them

  55. My July goal is definitely to stick to my diet and lose weight….easier said than done! 🙁

  56. My goals for July are to get back to daily exercise, get the house in order and meet our new nephew who was born on yesterday!

  57. Got several boxes of things to sell on eBay that I haven’t got round to yet, so would like to get that done this month!

  58. Make sure my customers have fun on a coach trip I am running at work to Southend today 🙂

  59. Im going to make sure i have a great birthday and spend time with all my family and friends

  60. My daughter 5th Birthday! So far venue sorted (After ringing round 20+ places, all packed because it’s summer), cake sorted, entertainers sorted. Just decorations, invites, and sweetie cones to make. So a lot of planning for that.
    Then my Mums big bday at the end of the month, and hopefully a celebration of how she is doing at kicking cancers butt.
    Then preparation for my little girls one to start yr 1 and the other to start nursery in sept.
    The prep on house move.
    Then sorting out the overgrown wilderness (the back garden)
    I love lists they help me keep ontop of everything.

  61. To decorate the kitchen! Just had a new one fitted and the fitters left the walls in one hell of a mess, so now I’m taking to the task of painting it!

  62. I’m graduating from uni in a few days so my July goal is very sensible… to find my first graduate job!

  63. It was my little boy’s 2nd birthday on Friday and we had the party on Saturday. That was my aim for July, for the party to go well which it did. I need the rest of the month to recover!

  64. I’m currently incapacitated with a badly dislocated shoulder so aside from attempting to avoid the online shopping that comes with boredom/being immobile; all my July priorities have been delegated to August!

  65. My July goal is to save money! But, it is already turning out to be a very expensive month with lots of birthdays and my best friend’s wedding. Don’t think I’ll be able to save much at all.

  66. Put up my son’s new desk! (It’s been in the box for 5 weeks)
    Put together the cot ready for the little ones arrival!
    Research a new washing machine to buy!
    Get a list of activities ready for the school holidays!

  67. Hopefully get my health back to what it was before my op and enjoy myself with my daughter when she’s finished school 🙂

  68. I’m going on holiday end of month so got a lot to sort out before I go, but it’s all getting done nicely!

  69. Just surviving this heat is enough. I am good at sleeping though, time passes quickly then. MS and heat don’t mix, I really can’t think of any goals right now. It was lovely at 5 am though.

  70. To declutter the spare room, it’s getting full of stuff.. Seems everything just gets put in there and the door shut 🙂

  71. My goal this month was to completely redecorate my bedroom. I’ve finished it and I’m really pleased with the result.

  72. De-Clutter the house!
    Eat healthier!
    Do more activities with the children!
    Paint the bedroom walls!

  73. We are having an extension built and my July goal is to try and keep it together and not get crazy about dust and dirt, the odds of that happening are very slim 🙂

  74. Lose at least half a stone
    Swim at least once a week
    Complete the four pet portrait commissions I received

  75. We have family visiting later today and tomorrow and then we will be getting ready for our London break in August. Trying to get a bit more exercise – not doing so well so far 😀

  76. I need to get our new baby daughter into a bedtime routine, we have our holidays coming up in August and I really want to be getting enough sleep to really enjoy it and make the most of our family time 😀

  77. Going to start horse riding again, I’d forgotten how much better about life it makes me feel.

  78. My goal is to become more healthy… i’m getting there. Ive joined the gym and I ve cut down on unhealthy food. I have a fitness and food tracker and I have been documenting everything I eat. I have a spreadsheet that i created to help me monitor progress 🙂

  79. Bit late to this! My July goals were to keep up with the ironing and not get a pile building up – not done too badly!

  80. I love your list, and I agree it makes a massive difference for actually getting things done, and making one feel good when you can tick things off!

    I haven’t had any monthly goals for July, but I have been working a lot off lists because I was forgetting too much! And it’s really working for me – but my items are very much day to day tasks such as “reply to email from X”!

  81. I want to use the fortnight I have off over the holidays to sort out the garden and get rid of all the children’s toys that are there and not used anymore.

  82. we just got back from holiday – it was wonderful and my goal was to do all the washing before I came home so I’m home now with no laundry! Yay!

  83. Help our eldest son and his girlfriend moved into their first home together that they have managed to purchase after a long hard saving slog

  84. To sell things I don’t need or want anymore so I can save up the pennies for car insurance.

  85. try and pick myself up from severe depression hopefully the summer sun may help, and redecorate my home and garden lovely giveaway

  86. I am recovering from an op, so my goal is not to over do it ( this time!) but also my daughters birthday is coming up si I am doing lots of crafty things in bed!

  87. To finally get a job. Sick of applying and getting nowhere every week. 🙂 Plus my “Work Coach” isn’t the nicest person on the planet. Complained about my signature for the last couple of times and both were 98% match.

  88. We are moving in a couple of weeks so our goal is to be mostly packed by the end of the month which is nearly achieved xj

  89. Got lots to do – My garden is in the process of a re-vamp, inbetween keeping the kids occupied during the holidays and searching for everything they need for back to school time (expensive time of the year lol!)

  90. My goals for this month are to book tickets for the London Eye, order a photobook from our summer holiday in Majorca, paint and gloss the landing and order a new stair carpet!

  91. My goal was to get rid of a very out-of-control Buddlia. Now that’s done the next job is to replace it with something less invasive but will still attract the bees and butterflies.

  92. My goal is to write thank you letters and send photographs to the people and companies who helped sponsor an event we run in aid of the local air ambulance.

  93. July is my busiest time at work which often makes it difficult to schedule “me” time so my goal for July was to give myself some down time and happily I’ve managed that – I’ve been to a festival (admittedly only for a day lol), had my parents surprise visit me and managed to organise a Christmas in July party with chilled mulled wine and egg nog ☺️ A great month!

  94. My July goals/things to do included losing weight and getting a tan. I’m happy to say I have done both 🙂 x

  95. My aim this month is to improve my work to life balance as my partner has just retired. And we want to make the most of this life but I need to work to pay the bill’s.

  96. My goal is to become self-sufficient in fruit and vegetables from the garden and I am getting there!Today I picked raspberries, redcurrants, blackcurrants, French beans, runner beans, potatoes, carrots, spinach, summer kale, broad beans, pea beans, courgettes, peas, lettuce, radishes and onions!

  97. It would have been to tidy and de-clutter my bedroom, but think I have left it a little too late now

  98. To get organized for our holiday to Lanzarote, and to make a start on buying school uniform .

  99. To do at least an hours exercise after work every day. I have quite a sedentary job and have been reading the recent news about this!

  100. To loose weight, get healthier and break my bad luck spell and start winning some competitions lol
    ps I followed on Pintrest but not sure what my name is on there

  101. Well, it’s nearly over now, but I’ve achieved some goals in July, including continuing to declutter and reorganise all the problem areas in the house (several cupboards of doom are still awaiting the treatment, though!). Also been enjoying some fun days out with my two littluns. It’s the last summer before the youngest starts school, so I’ve been trying to make the most of it..

  102. 1) Decluttering the house – have taken 6 bags to the charity shop but ongoing.
    2) Get Son’s school uniform and don’t leave it to last minute – completed before they broke up from school!.
    3) Clear the garden – started but ongoing.
    4) Clear all paperwork in the house – not started yet but is playing in the back of my mind!
    5) Try to get a job,

  103. I have learnt to bake 🙂 and I made a birthday cake for my finance with my own hands and it was delicious!

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