My Bullet Journal Journey- July 2016

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I’d been toying with the idea of Bullet Journaling for quite a while now. As someone who is big on making lists to stay organised, and up until a month ago was carrying around 4 different notebooks for jotting things down in, the idea of streaming everything into one Bullet Journal was very appealing!

Previously I had a notebooks for work, blogging, personal/life lists and also for food and weekly family planning. Whilst my system was pretty organised, it was virtually impossible to carry around all of them on a day-to-day basis (combined they weighed a ton!), and therefore I still found myself making rough notes in yet another notebook, before decanting the important bits into the relevant notebook on my return home. Time saving it was not!

So this month I’ve decided to give the Bullet Journal a go, and see how I get on, or at least my version of it anyway. I like the idea of it also being a pretty and creative space to doodle too should I wish, but fundamentally for me it’s hopefully going to be a practical tool and have everything I need in one place. 

A few weeks ago I noted down the different sections that I thought I might need in order to make Bullet Journal work for me:


…And I then bought a suitable notebook from Amazon. This one is a ‘Moleskine’ Large Square Hard notebook, and cost about £12, and is 21 x 13cm. I stuck a postcard that I loved from my photo styling props drawer on to it, and hey presto! I’m ready to go. 


Here’s what my Bullet Journal is looking like so far for the month of July…


^^^I work 2 days a week, one from the office, one from home, as a Digital Marketing Manager for a telecoms brand. Whilst I’m going to keep a jotter for work notes and scribbling down ideas, I’m using my Bullet Journal to write down my work goals to keep me focused. I know that in possibly a very sad way that I’ll enjoy ticking them off as I complete them!


^^^Ditto monthly blog goals. I have a few more to add to these, but don’t want to overload myself so as to keep them achievable. 


^^^Social Media stats and goals. Never the be-all-and-end-all for me, but I think it will be interesting to actually note these down and pay attention to them at the end of each month. I think I’ve said before that I work quite well to targets, so the middle column will be for a figure that I think might be possible to achieve- we will see.


^^^The part of Bullet Journaling that I hope will get me even more organised- the family meal planner! I’ve always had a weekly meal planner both for adults and kids since Freddie and Sasha were tiny, and I find it saves money and food wastage. However, this month using the BuJo I’ve written out 4 weeks worth of meal planning tables, so I can write down meals as I think of them before doing the weekly online food shop (that usually comes on a Sunday evening). I’m hoping this will save time and energy, as I must admit I find it such a chore to come up with ideas and then doing the actual order each week- planning new meals (even if we’re using some old favourites) seems to be a bit of a brain drain at times. 


^^^I’ve got a couple of pages where I can write down blog post ideas as they come to me. Nothing set in stone, but just so I don’t forget them.


^^^Closely followed by the month’s blog post schedule. This obviously helps me plan my posts, helps me work out where I’m going to schedule my paid blog work alongside my organic stuff, and keeps me motivated and accountable. 


^^^And talking of paid blog work, I have a page where I can write down any opps that have come in, how much I’m being paid, and when the blog post is due. 


^^^Also with my bloggy bits, I’ve got a page so I can list giveaways that are happening- again so I can fit them in around organic posts and paid work (and don’t forget them!).


^^^This is the bit of my BuJo where it’s more personal and just for fun! I’ve got a page here for a few personal goals this month (again, I’m sure I’ll add to these!), as well as a box for exercise and a box for booze. Each day I exercise gets a green box coloured in, and the same with each booze-free day (I’m trying to be a bit heathier on the old wine consumption after having a stressful couple of months!). A red box is filled in when I don’t exercise or if I have some alcohol (tut tut!). 


^^^I have a page here for listing things I hear about that might interest me- a new band to listen to, a new book or article to read, or a website to check out. 


^^^Here is a list that I hope won’t be too ongoing this year- a list of everything that needs my name changing since we got married (eek). 


^^^…and finally, what will be ongoing now for July, my daily to-do lists, where I write down everything that I need to crack on with that day, and that can be moved over to the following day(s) if necessary- vital for making me remember everything as a busy, working Mum of two!

So there’s my Bullet Journal for July- let me know what you think, and if you BuJo yourself.

Big shout to Sarah from Taming Twins who does some fantastic BuJo videos on her Youtube Channel for inspiring me to get Bullet Journaling!


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  1. July 14, 2016 / 9:56 am

    Ah so pretty and practical. I do bullet journaling but on a much simpler scale. I write a daily list of to-dos and that is about all I can manage haha!! x

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