30 Things to Know about your 30s (according to my friend)


In November I turned 30. It felt good. I had a lot some vino out with good friends, a swish hotel in Soho for a night with my lover and got engaged (huzzah!). The ensuing gastric bug that followed the night of our engagement, not so good, but that’s another story. So apart from the engagement, no big horror, no big deal. I didn’t have a loathing of turning 30, in fact, I was quite looking forward to it. You see, whilst I had some epic, and life changing experiences in my twenties (breeding, meeting the love of my life, discovering BB Cream), they weren’t always THAT great (bad career choices, dubious men choices, staying-for-one-last-drink-in-the-pub choices). So I’ve always been prepared to dive head first into my 30s with gusto.

For my birthday, my old chum Lauren made me a brilliant guide to turning 30, that now has pride of place in our kitchen (at 14 months older than me, she is of course, full of 30-something wisdom already). It was so lovely, full of optimism, and happy/funny-tear-inducing, that I thought I would share it with you…

30 Things to know about your 30s:

  1. They will be marvellous!
  2. There will be dinners AND dancing.
  3. There will be lots of lovely gatherings with your family and friends.
  4. Freddie and Sasha will give you so much joy and fun.
  5. (Mainly because neither of them will be a teenage until you’re 40)
  6. Speaking of which, your 40s are AGES away!
  7. Turning 30 doesn’t make you a member of a secret, wise club.
  8. But you do know now how to look after your hair/body/skin/teeth.
  9. You will be tired. But that’s normal.
  10. Because of all the energy you DO have, you’ll know what to use it for.
  11. You know which clothes suit you.
  12. And which ones are probably best left to people in their 20s.
  13. You will probably never marry a rock star.
  14. But on the plus side, you’ll never die of a rock star heroin overdoe at 27!
  15. Your celebrity crushes will probably get older, and quirkier anyway.
  16. (Although that’s nothing new for you).
  17. You will get annoyed at people who achieve amazing things by the age of 26.
  18. But you’ll realise you’re where you are now because of everything YOU’VE achieved.
  19. It’s okay to feel sad, and be selfish sometimes. Everyone is.
  20. You’ll get drunk quicker, and hangovers will last longer. Drink that glass of water before bed!
  21. You will understand your parents more.
  22. You realise what is worth fighting for.
  23. And what is worth letting go.
  24. (You’ll also realise that her 30s have turned your friend Lauren into that cheesy person who says numbers 22 and 23).
  25. 30 is NOT the new 20. 20 was fun, but also full of crap.
  26. You will get sick of people telling you what your 30s will be like. You can figure it out for yourself.
  27. They will be marvellous!
  28. You will repeat yourself.
  29. And forget to count.

Have a great week!

Becky x



  1. March 25, 2014 / 11:01 pm

    Made me chuckle. I’m only 27 but I’m forever been told what life is like when your 30 and it’s only going to get worse closer I get. Great post x

    • March 26, 2014 / 9:23 am

      Thank you! I can reassure you that 30s are good so far- I guess it depends how much you’re enjoying your 20s as to whether you’re feeling ‘the fear’ or not!

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