A guide to Mercedes’ impressive new features

Mercedes-Benz is a manufacturer that has always pioneered amazing new features and technology. In many cases, this technology has saved lives by stopping accidents or reducing the damage that they cause. Modern day Mercedes-Benz for sale are packed full of brilliant and awe-inspiring technology that any motorist will love to use.

There is no automobile manufacturer better respected than Mercedes-Benz. They have a long history of designing the world’s most luxurious automobiles, but they are also famous for their amazing innovations over the years which go back to developing the world’s very first petrol powered vehicle.

Modern day Mercedes vehicles are now jam-packed with all kinds of incredible technology and features that can make driving more fun, comfortable and safer. Anybody in the market for a new automobile should look out for Mercedes-Benz for sale as you will not find a vehicle of greater quality.

Here are just a few of the features that you find in modern Mercedes-Benz automobiles.


Pre-Safe is a safety feature that has already saved many lives. It senses when a collision or accident is imminent through a network of sensors and then makes changes to the vehicle to reduce the damage. The changes include tightening the seatbelts, closing the windows and moving the seats.

Attention Assist

Driver fatigue is one of the leading causes of accidents on the road. It can be difficult to tell when you are exhausted, but Attention Assist is a smart feature that will alert you if you need to pull over and take a break. Attention Assist learns your driving style and then assesses steering corrections and how often you are interacting with switches etc. to determine whether or not you are getting drowsy. If it determines that you are tired, an alert will sound warning you to pull over.

Distronic Plus

The slightest distraction can be devastating behind the wheels. Distronic Plus continuously scans the road ahead with advanced radar sensors and automatically initiates up to 40% braking power and alerts the driver while also engaging the Pre-Safe system. 100% braking power is instantly applied when the driver applies the brakes, and if the driver fails to respond, then the system takes over and applies brake at full power.

Night View Assist Plus

Driving at night can be dangerous and stressful due to the poor visibility (even with headlights). Night View Assist Plus provides a real-time view of the road ahead through using invisible infrared beams and a special camera. If it identifies a pedestrian or item ahead, it will point these out and can even shine the headlamp in their direction.

These are just a few of the incredible features that are available in modern day Mercedes automobiles. The German manufacturer has always pioneered new technologies over the years that not only has improved the overall driving experience but has also saved the lives of millions.


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