Berocca- My School Holiday Saviour

With a brand new baby in tow, one thing I was a little worried about in the run up to the 6 week holidays was my ability to get through them cool, calm and collected, and not frazzled from trying to keep 3 small people happy (not to mention the broken nights with a newborn). Throw in continuing to fit in my freelance and blogging work in the mix, and I felt quite exhausted at the thought of the summer break, even though I was looking forward to some much needed downtime with my crew. 

At 5 and 6 years old, Sasha and Freddie are full of beans and always on the go, and this Mum here wants to be able to keep up with them! Whilst coffee will always be my friend when it comes to bleary-eyed mornings, I also try and eat as healthily and possible, and since my uni days I’ve also always popped a Berocca in a glass of good old H2O as part of my breakfast routine, to help me feel energised throughout the day. Being in what they often call the ‘4th trimester’, nearly 8 weeks after Arlo was born, I’m also aware of looking after myself post-natally, especially when I’m sleep deprived. 

Packed with 8 B vitamins (including B1 and B2) that help you release your natural energy, I’ve always felt much more energised througout the day when I’ve had a Berocca, when usually I’d get a slump and be reaching for more coffee. Where as in the past I would use a glass of it for aiding my hangover or giving me a boost after all night study sessions (those were the days!), now as a busy mum of 3 I use it as part of my overall health regime and to help me be the best, most active parent I can be. 

No mean feat when you want to be ready and raring for whatever your kids are wanting to do! So far this summer we have managed a trip to the Science Museum, a day out in Brighton, the Go Ape Nets Kingdom, park trips, play dates, tennis, and much more, with a holiday to Edinburgh still to come.

I’m also trying to get my overall fitness back now post-baby too.

Post-pregnancy health and fitness, post-partum fitness


Having more energy means I’m always up for anything, as well as less grumpy with the children (which, let’s face it, can happen after a 3am milk-party with child number 3!). 

As a result, we’ve really enjoyed the summer holidays so far, which I’m SO delighted about, as I was quite nervous about how I would feel on little sleep and child-wrangling 3 under the age of 7. 

Like they say in the ads, you’re “You, but on a really good day”! 


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  1. Lucy Melissa Smith
    August 27, 2017 / 8:21 pm

    I used to take this and it made such a difference! I really must buy some again, I’m flagging ALL of the time! x

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