A Sunny Day in Brighton

The other Sunday we hopped on the train a short way away from where we live, and headed to Brighton for the day. The seaside town isn’t actually that far from where we live in South East London (half hour on the train), but we realised that we hadn’t actually been since Freddie and Sasha were 2 and 3, so were well overdue a visit, and also to introduce baby Arlo to one of our favourite places on the south coast! 

What I love most about Brighton is the fact that there is so much to do for all ages- I’ve been there for hen do weekends and lots of wine at the beach bars, for coffees and shopping with friends, and in recent years ice creams, fairground rides and the Sea Life Centre with our little family. 

Whilst Arlo might not have got much out of it apart from sleeping like a log due to the sea air, F & S are really at an age now where they can enjoy all Brighton has to offer. After a stroll from the train station and along the sea front, we headed onto the pier first and cranked our naff-o-meter up hard by spending far too long on the 2p slot machines (heaven for young children!), before some air hockey and the Deal or No Deal Machine for moi (ahem). After, we sat down on the pier to feed Arlo and grab some fish and chips before the crowds got too big, before then visiting the soft play (you can NEVER escape from the lure of these places wherever you are) and having a go on loads of fairground rides. What was nice this time around was that the children were older and could go on most things (especially Freddie), and the little dare devils also dragged me on the log flume, which I actually lapped up after being pregnant for what seemed like forever and couldn’t go on any such rides! 

We finished the day with ice creams, and collecting stones on the beach, before dragging our tired legs back to the station to catch our train. 

It felt so nice to get out and about as a family of 5, and having Adam there, what with it being a weekend, made the day so much easier. I’m so unused to having a pushchair once more!

Here are some snaps of our lovely, much-needed day out by the seaside:

^^Hitching a lift with Daddy! The walk from the station to the front is quite far for little legs, so by the time we arrived this one was already quite tired! 

^^My lovely big boy. He seems so grown up in so many ways, but then his beloved Teddy goes with him everywhere and you realise just how little he really is, aged 6.

^^ There’s something so quintessentially British about a Helter Skelter at the seaside, I can’t help but take a snap! Sadly, this is one attraction that our’s aren’t keen on, ever since they had a go on one outside the Olympic Park at Stratford a few years ago, and the speed of it really frightened them and it’s put them off ever since, despite their love of other scary rides!

^^Our ‘babies’ waiting for fish and chips! They’ve been so good about stopping when we need to feed Arlo, and actually more patient than I thought they’d be. The fish and chips on the pier are excellent by the way, we highly recommend and do children’s portions in little boxes too.

^^Riding the carousal- always a favourite with all members of the family! I could have actually ridden in one of the carriages with Arlo too but we had too much stuff with us!

^^The fresh sea air made this little guy sleep a LOT!

^^All the fun of the fair! I love that these two can really enjoy so many rides now, you actually feel like you’re getting your money’s worth when it comes to the wristbands, haha!

^^You can’t beat ice cream by the seaside, even if that ice cream is some rather unorthodox bubblegum-strawberry-marshmallow flavour (I’m looking at you young lady!).

^^Hunting for ‘the best smooth stones’ apparently!

^^Still hunting…it’s surprising how even a stoney beach can still be such a joy to young children, when you think they’d prefer sand.

^^Wanky blogger-shoe-stones photo combo going on here, but I love the colours!

^^Another gorgeous old carousal, this time on the sea front.

^^Someone pretending to snooze on the deckchairs!

^^A rare snap of me and 2 out of 3 little ones, really need to get some more photos of all of us, but not sure I can face bringing a tripod out everywhere with us!


Brighton, we hugely heart you, and no doubt we will be back soon!


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  1. Bev
    August 9, 2017 / 2:33 pm

    You have inspired me to go over the next few weeks!! I will happily snap you and your gorgeous three next time I see you so you have some happy memories!

    • Becky
      August 9, 2017 / 8:55 pm

      Thanks Bev, I will take you up on that offer! Mums need more snaps with their children!

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