5 ways to save space in a child’s bedroom

Ever since we moved house last October and effectively downsized upstairs (we’ve ‘lost’ a bedroom for a while until we can afford to do another loft conversion), it’s been a bit of a squeeze when it comes to housing the children and all their things. Freddie and Sasha currently share a room, and Arlo now has the 3rd bedroom as his nursery, meaning I’ve constantly had to be inventive when it comes to housing all their stuff (and boy, do kids accumulate a LOT of stuff!). 

I’m always on the hunt for ways to make best use of the space they have, whilst maximising room so they can play, read and sleep as best they can. 

Here are 5 ways to save space in a child’s bedroom, and if you have any more ideas, then I’d love to hear them!  

  1. Buy a bed with in-built storage. Cabin beds are great for younger children who like the novelty of being higher up, whilst housing lots of their belongings down below. For older children/young adults, a divan bed can hold a whole Aladdin’s cave underneath, especially stuff that isn’t needed on a daily basis. 
  2. An over-the-door shelf can be a great place to display books, trophies, or Lego sculptures that just need to be seen! 
  3. Be ruthless with toys and clutter. Our kids are a nightmare when it comes to parting with old toys, even ones they don’t play with much anymore. I try and be fairly ruthless (without being a total meanie!), and regularly go through their things. Anything that’s been untouched for several months goes in the loft for a while, to see if it’s missed enough to be re-instated once again, or if it can go to a charity shop. 
  4. Be creative with book storage. I love these type of shelves for children- they hold a lot of books, lay fairly flat against a wall, and kids can see their collection easily. A real win-win here!
  5. Cuddly toys are my storage nemesis! The children have loads, yet they’re hard to ditch as they seem to know each and every one by name (and to be fair, they are much-loved and played with on a daily basis). I’m looking to get a giant teddy hammock that goes under their bunk bed, so they have a home that isn’t the floor!

How do you save space in a child’s bedroom?


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