4 Funky Ways To Stop Your Home From Feeling Run Down

pots of paintEverybody has grand plans when they first move into a house. Whether it’s dazzling interiors or a garden that makes the entire neighbourhood jealous, you’ll want to recreate the home of your dreams. After a couple of years, the property may be a bit more run-down than you anticipated. Unfortunately, you don’t have the time or the money to invest at the moment, so you put up with the tired decor and lack of light, airy spaces. But there are ways to stop your home from feeling run down!

It doesn’t have to be this way, though. Sure, spending a small fortune on home upgrades is a fantastic option if you have the cash. For those who don’t, however, there are small-yet-effective hacks that have a huge impact from the outset. If you want to find out what they are, please keep reading.

Here are four unusual ways to stop your home from feeling run down that are relatively cheap.

Let There Be Light

“Let there be light” isn’t a quote from the Lord and Saviour. It could be, but that’s not the point right now! Homes need to be light and airy if they are going to appear homely and cosy while also efficiently maximising the floor space. And, although ambient light sources are fine, the best light is the natural stuff from the sun.

A fantastic place to start is to replace the curtains with blinds or plantation shutters. The latter options are a perfect combination of practical and stylish. If you want to take it a step further, you’ve got to open up. That means the partition walls, the non-load-bearing ones, can be switched for translucent wood or glass panels. Once the light enters the room, the glass will help to reflect it around the entire property and help you double down on the effect.

Let’s face it – there’s nothing funkier than stained glass in the living room!

Fix Your Fixtures

To knock down a wall, while not that expensive, does involve using plenty of energy. Some people enjoy the cathartic nature of taking their day out on a wall, yet you may have different ways to deal with stress! For those who do, it’s essential to focus on the light fixtures themselves.

Ambient lighting is going to compliment the UV rays that seep into the house via the windows. However, it’s not all about the light – the fixtures have a significant role to play, too. Accessories are incredible tools for homeowners who need to spruce things up without going overboard. The right fixtures will be noticeable, but they won’t stand out and take away from the rest of the decor.

Modern minimalism is a great mix because it adds excitement in as few steps as possible. Check out elledecor.com for your comprehensive guide.

Don’t Be Walked Over

If your floors could talk, they wouldn’t have a lot of positive stuff to say. Flooring spends the majority of its life being walked on, and when it’s obsolete, it gets thrown in the landfill and replaced with a newer version. It’s no wonder it’s angry!

There isn’t much you can do from a practical point of view – you can’t stop people walking on the flooring. Still, you can think about your purchases before installing them. Think about carpet for a moment. At first, it’s thick and luscious, but then it descends into scraggly and worn out. So, rather than opting for fabric, you should go for something more substantial. Westcoastfloors.com.au has more if you’re a fan of wood.

A clever hack is to use hardwood or laminate flooring and make use of rugs. Rugs are small carpets that not only add a different texture but protect the main floors from damage.

Think Small

The easiest and cheapest way to make your house homelier is to think small. Thinking big involves plenty of money and energy, two things that may be exclusive to some property owners. There is good news, though – little gestures have a huge impact.

If in doubt, gauge whether your house is full of clutter. You’ll find that a quick whip round will instantly freshen up the interiors. And, you don’t have to spend hours cleaning with these tricks of the trade from wyza.com.au. Next, move onto the paint scheme. A tin is accessible and affordable, and the correct colour and texture should add life to even the most tired interiors.

When everyone is shooting for the stars and missing, the hipster thing to do is to concentrate on the features within your control. 

What are they in your home?



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