The Biggest Hurdles During Diets (And How To Clear Them)

apple in handYou have the goal, you have the will, and you have the motivation, but how long can a diet last with just those alone? It’s going to take real staying power to turn a health “kick” into meaningful long-term change and there are some of the biggest hurdles during diets that tend to trip people up. Here, we’re going to look at a few of them and what you can do to clear them.

The snack cupboard

Be it a cupboard, a fridge, a biscuit tin, or whatever else. If you leave yourself with snacks to take advantage of, that’s precisely what you’re going to do. If you can’t avoid snacking occasionally, then try to have healthier snacks available instead, or at least high mass foods that are low calorie, like popcorn. You want to get rid of grazing as a habit as soon as you can, but in the meantime, wean yourself off by eating healthier snacks. Drink water when you start to feel those cravings, too, as the body can confuse thirst and hunger regularly.

Your problematic faves

We all have favourites. There are some that are pretty much ruled out on all kinds of diets. For instance, bread and pasta are not likely to be recommended on any calorie controlled or keto diet. To get over this, it’s important fo find the alternatives you need to those problematic faves, such as keto bread. If you can find a replacement that works, it won’t be a 100% match, but it can help you control your cravings and act as an acceptable compromise as opposed to going without.

You’re just dieting

There have been studies that show that people who diet alone (i.e., without any other lifestyle changes) are much less likely to stick to it as people who diet, combined with other healthy lifestyle changes. The change that goes best with this is, of course, getting more fitness in your life. However, improving your night’s sleep and addressing other health issues in your life count as well. Simply put, if you commit yourself to a more comprehensive idea of a healthy lifestyle, you’re more likely to really give it the work it needs.

The expense

It’s true that a novice healthy food shopper without much of a plan may end up spending more per grocery trip than usual. However, the idea that healthy food is more expensive is a myth that’s been disproven many times. If you want a demonstration of how cost-effective it can be, then download a meal planning app. With some of these, you can look at meal planning templates that others upload, and they will soon show you just how economic you can be when shopping for food.


The tips above aren’t all you need to succeed on a diet. However, if you find that you tend to do well for a while, only to suddenly get back into old habits, identifying the hurdles that trip you up in the first place can be greatly helpful.


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