2019 – A year of ‘mixing it up’

Hey guys, how are you? Just a short post here, more of a mini mind dump, and I’d be interested to hear afterwards if anyone is following a similar theme in 2019!

End of December/beginning of January is usually the time when many people starting writing down, or sharing their goals for the forthcoming year. Most years I’ve written some plans down, or had various ‘goals’ in mind, and this year and without being too unrealistic, there are actually quite a few things I’d like to change (nothing too drastic thankfully!). 

I’m so lucky to lead the life that I do and very grateful, but do you ever have periods of time where you’ve felt a little, I don’t know…stagnant? I guess in 2018 I didn’t feel wildly unhappy or anything, but at the same time a little ‘meh’, almost a little bored and stale. Luckily I don’t want to ditch my husband or suddenly travel around the world solo or anything like that, but make a few changes and tweaks to mix things up a bit. 

Here are a few things I’d like to do:

  • Continue with dry January and cutting back the booze. I felt positively pickled by the end of December so decided to embrace dry Jan, something I’d never done properly before, and 21 days in to no drinking (I didn’t drink at New Year) I feel really, really amazing. My skin has cleared up, I’ve lost 5 pounds without trying and I feel full of energy and clear-headed. Obviously I’m not saying I’ll never drink again on certain occasions, but I feel so good that I don’t really want to lose that. It would be refreshing to have a less sluggish, less hungover existence in 2019, and especially when it means I exercise more and frees up time for other things. 
  • Read more – see not drinking, above! Already read 3 books since Christmas with my freer evenings, and thoroughly enjoying it.
  • Continue horse riding with Sasha. I booked a lesson the other week after years of not sitting on a horse (I used to loan a pony and compete all the time as a youngster), and it was exhilarating. Whilst I felt stiff afterwards (my god you forget the muscles you use!), it came flooding back, and I enjoyed it so much. Plus, will be something S and I can do together. I better get earning some more cash though if I get hooked, horsey activities are expensive! 
  • Actually plug my picture book idea for children more and send off to publishers. I sent it to one publisher last year and to be honest the whole thing got put on the back burner as I was so tired and sleep-deprived the first half of last year, and then consumed by house selling the second half, so I would like to properly pursue this further this year and give it the time it deserves. 
  • Set up my freelance consultancy website. I want to start consulting with SMEs this year and offering advice on how to go about working with bloggers/influencers to help them with their marketing and get this up and running. I’ve been offering advice to various acquaintances for the last couple of years when they’ve messaged me, and have actually really enjoyed helping them, so I figure I could start to get paid for it. Definitely worth a go and something I’ve decided I shouldn’t ignore- I will share once my website is ready! 

There’s plenty to be getting on with there, but also just changing up what seem like ridiculously trivial things- trying new meals for the family rather than being stuck in a rut with the same ones, buying new variations of our current foods (amazing how you buy the same ones for years without thinking about it!), ditching kids activities they’re not so fussed on anymore and trying new ones, more reading together as a family, more films, booking trips i.e. camping with friends straight away rather than just talking about it…. just making little tweaks so life feels fresh again! 


Are you doing any of these sort of things this year? I’d love to hear your plans!


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