A Whistle-Stop Tour of London: How to make the most of the city in a short space of time

One of the things I take for granted now having lived in London for 10 years is that finding my way around is SO much easier than in those early days, when I was living in a shared house in Camden. I love exploring the city, and it really does feel like home now, and all the landmarks that tourists can’t wait to see are comfortingly familiar, even now I live in the ‘burbs in Zone 5. Having said that, there are still parts of the capital that I’d love to explore more, but with a young family now it’s sometimes finding the time to get out there, and when you do, you want to make the most of that time. 

To help you ‘Live it like a local’, SACO, the Serviced Apartment Company, have launched their interactive web app to help visitors that are new to London explore the city more easily when they are short of time.

Visitors can use the web app to set itineraries depending on the time they have available to explore London. The itineraries have been split into one day, three days, one week and up two weeks, allowing users to plan their stay in detail.

London is such a busy and exciting place, meaning there is so much potential for things to see and do, but if you’re unfamiliar with the city, then where do you start? There are so many things to do, from private eating in London to cultural delights in the form of exhibitions and galleries, I share some of my favourites in this post. 

Carefully curated to introduce visitors to establishments that might take months to find unaided, the web app is the equivalent of an insider’s guide to London.

Having each location plotted on the map also ensures the user can find them easily and makes pre-trip planning easy. As well as acting as a useful tool for visitors considering London-serviced apartments the web app also offers exclusive discounts with a number of eateries within the Square Mile, which adds extra value.

It presents users with a list of public work spaces, food, drink, health and well being outlets, history and cultural museums and shopping destinations, helping them find what they are looking for within the Square Mile when it’s needed.  

For both time-pressed Londoners and non-Londoners alike, what’s not to love?!

Here are my 5 favourite quick-but-cool things to do in London:

Visit Barrafina for tapas

With 3 restaurants to choose from, you can eat the most delicious Michelin-starred cuisine on the hop, and watch the chefs cook your dishes from your seat at the bar whilst sipping on a glass of wine- heaven!

Breakfast at The Riding House Cafe

Possibly the coolest place in the West End to do brunch, use your app to phone ahead and book a table. My favourite dish is poached eggs and avocado toast with extra feta and chilli.

Get a piercing in Camden

Okay, so this isn’t for everyone, but you can walk into one of the reputable piercing and tattoo places in Camden and get adorned! I had my nose done a few years back, proving you’re never too old, even in your 30s and with small kids!

Go on a London Walk

Join one of the many walking tours in all different parts of London, and find out more about the history and culture of the city within an hour.

Go to a poetry slam in Farringdon

Looking for a different kind of gig that doesn’t cost the earth and you can just pop in to? Look no further than the Betsey Trotwood pub in Farringdon, right near my old work. Here they host regular poetry slams and comedy nights, and I’m always in awe of anyone who can get up there and compete with their words!

Have you been to stay in London? Would an app like this make your life easier? Let me know your thoughts!

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* In collaboration with SACO.


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